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  1. Mena661

    Alignment SoCal

    Looking for an alignment shop that's a little closer to where I live. I am in the Palmdale-Lancaster area. Preferably Santa Clarita or Northridge but open to other locations (Monrovia would be too far). Thanks all.
  2. Mena661

    ALPHAEquipt Wheels on GX460

    Decided to start a new thread in case anyone wanted info on these wheels specifically. Wheel specifics: 17x8.5" , +10mm offset, 106.25mm hub diameter (hubcentric), 28 lbs each Tires: LT275/70R-17 Falken Wildpeak AT3W
  3. Mena661

    Milestar Patagonia M/T Tires

    Has anyone used these on a GX? How noisy are they? Thanks.
  4. Mena661

    Builds  2011 GX460 Mild Build

    Bought the GX back in September. There's another thread somewhere around here on that. The mods I plan on installing are as follows: Dobinsons GX460 2-2.5" suspension Dobinsons UCA's ALPHAEquipt Delta 17x8.5" wheels RSG Metalworks top plate sliders with kick-out BFG KO2's in 265/70R-17 The...
  5. Mena661

    SCS 6 vs TRD Pro Wheels

    Looking to pair one of these up with a 265/70R-17 BFG KO2 tire on a 2011 GX460. I want to use the OEM spare tire carrier. I've read that tire size will fit and the TRD wheels will fit (although that was a with a 255 width tire). Has anyone tried either of these in the spare location? Thanks.
  6. Mena661

    New to me 2011 GX460

    Hello all, Picked up a 2011 GX460 Premium about a month ago now. Planning on a 2"-2.5" lift, BFG KO2's and some sliders in the next month or so. It's daily driver that will see some easy to moderate trails.
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