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  1. lechnito

    FJ62 Water Pump Failure (Was: FJ62 Bad crank pulley / harmonic balancer?)

    EDIT: Future readers - The root cause turned out to be the water pump! ----------------------------------------------- While driving home today, I came to stop in front of my house, heard a loud squeal coming from my engine compartment, and the truck stalled to a shut. Got her started back up...
  2. lechnito

    Need to replace my low pressure A/C hard line

    My A/C system recently sprung a leak around the evap core so I thought it would be a great time to replace some stuff and retrofit to r134a. Pretty shocking how dirty these old evap systems can get after 28 years: However, it quickly became pretty obvious that the leak originated from the...
  3. lechnito

    R12 refrigerant in Missoula?

    Hey fellas. I kicked off my summer road trip to central Montana yesterday and the AC in my 1990 FJ62 decided to stop blowing cold 100 miles in. The compressor seems to be running fine and I suspect a slow leak of refrigerant to be the culprit. I realize this is a long shot, but are there any...
  4. lechnito

    Installation Guide for ARB Headlight Harness and Hella H1/H4s

    I recently upgraded the headlights and wiring harness on my FJ62 and wanted to document the steps I took in case it helps anyone in the future. This guide applies to those of us who drive four eyed vehicles and FJ60 owners will need to follow a slightly different process. Parts you will need...
  5. lechnito

    Alignment shops?

    What alignment shops do you guys like? My steering has never been great after I installed my OME lift last year. I plan to install a ubolt flip kit in the next few weeks which would be a good opportunity to install some caster shims. Before I pull the trigger on some shims, I want to swing by...
  6. lechnito

    What's in your emergency road kit?

    What special equipment and spare parts do you take with you when you make long trips in your 60 series? I've recently started planning a 2000 mile road trip this summer from Portland Oregon to my ancestral homelands of central Montana. Most of my time will be spent on pavement, but I also plan...
  7. lechnito

    Portland Metro Cruiser Meetup: 3/11/18 - 12:00 PM @ Level Beer

    Hi everyone! I'm excited to announce the next official Portland Metro Cruiser meetup has been scheduled for noon this Sunday at Level Beer in industrial NE. This should be a nice opportunity to meet your fellow Landcruiser enthusiasts, chat about our rigs, and enjoy the unseasonably sunny...
  8. lechnito

    Stranded in Challis, Idaho -- why you should always check your caliper bolts

    I was driving out of the mountains yesterday at the end of an out of state hunting trip when I hear a bang and my brakes started feeling weird. Did some basic diagnostics, didn't see any leaks or anything obviously wrong, and continued driving to the auto parts store in the nearest town so I can...
  9. lechnito

    Crunch! Body work advice needed

    Ugh, well this just happened. I backed into a concrete support beam that I couldn't see: The tail lights and housing shouldn't be too hard to replace, but the dented in corners of the sheet metal look really hard to pop back into place. I feel like a real idiot right now. Anyone ever deal...
  10. lechnito

    Sloppy steering on my FJ62

    My steering wheel has a few degrees of motion where there is very little resistance and movement is not reciprocated in the movement of the wheels. Here's a video: This has always been an issue and installing new tie rod ends did not make an appreciable difference. However, it didn't really...
  11. lechnito

    Portland Metro Classifieds

    Post here if you have something for sale, for trade, or are looking to buy something!
  12. lechnito

    For sale: OE FJ62 wheel

    Not getting much interest on craigslist. Anyone here want to buy an extra FJ62 wheel? Goodyear Wrangler RT/S P265/75/R15 on Landcruiser wheel I'll take $5 off as a mud discount :)
  13. lechnito

    Time to buy a new starter?

    My cruiser has been getting harder and harder to start up over the last 6 months. Fast forward to yesterday and I couldn't get it running without climbing under the vehicle and banging on the starter housing with a tire iron. I picked up a starter rebuild kit from Toyota today, dropped the...
  14. lechnito

    A "Gentleman's Quarrel": Cruiser v.s. Rover

    Hey ya'll. @umpqua shared a link to a show-and-tell meetup for land crusier / land rover owners at an inner SE coffee shop and thought I'd repost here for visibility: News I'm out of town on vacation all next week and won't be able to attend, but it would be awesome to get some representation...
  15. lechnito

    Welcome to Portland Metro Cruisers!

    Greetings! The idea to create this clubhouse came about after a bunch of us in the 60 series forum got together in real life at Cathedral Park and had a good time discussing all things cruiser. Although there are several excellent Landcruiser interest groups within the NW Oregon area, we felt...
  16. lechnito

    Next landcruiser meetup?

    Following the success of the last 60 series meetup, I wanted to get the ball rolling on the next meetup. Any suggestions?
  17. lechnito

    What to do with my LSPV after OME lift installation?

    After installing my OME lift kit, my braking performance went from adequate to bad. After installing 255/85/r16 tires, my braking performance went from bad to "holy s*** this is scary dangerous". Went through the FSM and several threads on mud. After performing some routine diagnostics, I...
  18. lechnito

    My OME lift kit install [pics]

    Greetings from Portland, Oregon! This is the 1990 FJ62 with 202k miles that I've owned for the last 2 years. According to carfax, my FJ62 was originally purchased in the Boise area where it spent most of it's life until it finally made its way to Oregon and was eventually sold to me. I've...
  19. lechnito

    New OME Lift Kit: Are the rear springs still A / B oriented?

    The OME lift kit I ordered back in February finally arrived. Everything looks good, except both rear springs have part number CS005RB. I've read elsewhere that the rear springs are side specific and the complete kit should have one rear spring end in A for the driver side and the B spring for...
  20. lechnito

    Custom exhaust. Are my o2 sensors in the right place?

    The PO of my rig had someone weld up a custom stainless steel exhaust setup. Does it look like the o2 sensors are in the correct locations?
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