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  1. spdwaver1

    For Sale Los Angeles, CA: 200 series nFab RSP front bumper LX570 land cruiser Baja Designs

    I'm interested and can meet halfway. But first, what is the end-to-end measurement?
  2. spdwaver1

    SOLD Atlanta, GA - 100 series lift

    I'll buy them. If you'd be so kind, just tell me what you want shipped to 91351, and I'll pay it. Let me know your preferred currency.
  3. spdwaver1

    Parting Out Gray/Tan 1999 UZJ100 in Texas

    Dash pad, one in better condition than mine, if you have one. Price shipped to 91351.
  4. spdwaver1

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    What did I do to my 100-series today? I bought it.
  5. spdwaver1

    SOLD Los Angeles - 1998 Lexus LX470 - 225K Miles - 2 Owner - Records since new

    I'm interested, sent a PM.
  6. spdwaver1

    SOLD Cortez/Durango CO - 2004 GX470 - $9800 obo

    Ah, well, that was expected. Congrats on the sale!
  7. spdwaver1

    SOLD Cortez/Durango CO - 2004 GX470 - $9800 obo

    I'm interested, and will need to discuss delivery, shipped to CA.
  8. spdwaver1

    For Sale 2004 Lexus GX470 (Chicago/Midwest/Willing to Ship)

    For the benefit of all, could you list which services were rendered by the PO prior to trading it in?
  9. spdwaver1

    For Sale 2004 Lexus GX470 (Chicago/Midwest/Willing to Ship)

    If this is still available, I'd like to know if you are willing to ship. Edit: Sorry, I see you've stated such in the title. I'd still like to know if it's available.
  10. spdwaver1

    For Sale Ventura - 2006 Lifted on 35"s GX470

    Has this sold?
  11. spdwaver1

    For Sale LHD / 5 Speed / Factory Diesel 80 Series

    I was checking all the boxes until my pencil lead broke at the price.
  12. spdwaver1

    SOLD 1987 4Runner 22RE 5-Sped Orlando

    Well, the wife did say I should be practical; and a four cylinder certainly is practical.
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    200 series picture thread

    One more:
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