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  1. woytovich

    Opinions on Engel MR40 Fridge/Freezer

    I have an ARB that I like just fine. I have an opportunity to buy an Engel MR040 for a very good price - I can use a second fridge. I'm hoping to get opinions on that unit from people that have them.... Engel MR040 Fridge Freezer Thanks mark
  2. woytovich

    Cheap-ish Lipo battery

    Battery deconstruct
  3. woytovich

    Builds  Second carrier, for Jerry can

    I finally (like 6+ years later) got the second plate style stock tire carrier mounted to the 40. The tub is Aqualu aluminum. I've had the spare tire side on there for quite a while with no problems, although I don't drive the 40 all that often. Early 40s had left or right side carriers...
  4. woytovich

    For Sale  NY - Dick Cepek Baja Laser light bar *Back to the Future*

    You know you want to go all 80s vintage on your mini truck🤩 Light bar and lights - untested. Includes the bar and attached lights and the 2 stand alone lights. $120 Plus shipping from NY 11731
  5. woytovich

    Builds  Half doors

    little different design...
  6. woytovich

    SOLD  Two 2F carbs

    Both Jim C rebuilt at some point in the past. They ran fine when removed, I'd give them a good cleaning before install of course. Both for $90 or $50 for one... Plus shipping.
  7. woytovich

    Consensus on OEM Split Rims?

    If you were to score a truck with them already on it would you keep them or swap them out? 1. 👎 Too much danger to bother with. 2. 👎 Too much trouble to bother with. 3. 👍 For expedition travel you can carry tubes to deal with flats with less weight than a second full "spare" 4. 👍 Cool factor 5...
  8. woytovich

    Weight rating for H3 D rings?

    Anyone know the weight rating for these Hummer H3 OEM D rings?
  9. woytovich

    School me: "best" starting point Tacoma

    I'm thinking about a Tacoma as a platform to build a beefy overland expedition vehicle. Emphasis would be on reliability and functionality not bells and whistles... KISS. Beefy means I want to be able to do significantly challenging trails shy of rock crawling status. I'm wondering what people...
  10. woytovich

    Overly discharged 40ah LiPO battery... restorable?

    I'm a dope and (apparenty) left a trickle discharge happening on a 40ah LiPO battery. It is discharged to 2.7 volts and won't recharge with my LiPO charger. Has anyone has success getting something like this back to at least usable condition. I see info on the interwebs bout doing so with small...
  11. woytovich

    Are 2014 Tundra seats comfortable?

    I know this is somewhat subjective but i am looking at the set below to swap into my FJ45LV build. Any real world feedback would be appreciated. FYI the seller is asking $250 for the pair.
  12. woytovich

    ISO wiring diagram: Superwinch X6

    Ancient Superwinch x6, looking to use it on my trailer. I was hoping to get a wiring diagram before I blow it up/burn it out doing something wrong.... I've contacted Superwinch (now Westin) to no avail. I've scoured the interwebs and have come up empty.
  13. woytovich

    School me: 3 wire vs 5 wire Warn Winches & Controllers

    I obtained an older Warn M8000 that has a funked up control box and no remote. It is a 3 wire control box. Are the old 3 wire control box M8000 winches themselves any different from the later 5 wire control box winches? Can I use a 4 wire control box on a winch that had a 3 wire control box...
  14. woytovich

    For Sale  NOS M416 trailers - potential group buy

    So recently I have become aware of a non-US source for NOS M416 trailers. Fortunately I have contacts that can help facilitate importation to the US. So here is my current thinking... If there is enough interest I am thinking of starting a "group-buy". Details as it looks right now (subject to...
  15. woytovich

    Builds  World's Most Complex and Over Engineered Air Up/Down System

    So last winter when I wasn't wheeling and really couldn't be outside working on the truck I dreamed up a "better" solution to the task of airing tires up and down. Previously I was using a semi-complicated and slightly over engineered and pretty expensive 4-way valve/gauge/hose rig that I had...
  16. woytovich

    For Sale  NY: 60 series headlight washer hoses assembly

    See picture. $45 SHIPPED (CONUS)
  17. woytovich

    FREE  NY - Aftermarket 60 series mirrors

    Free for the cost of shipping plus five bucks for a beer. Glass is cracked on one but solid.
  18. woytovich

    2020 BHCC?

    Info available? Thanks, mark
  19. woytovich

    Colchester, CT?

    Anyone near....?
  20. woytovich

    Anyone near Stratford, CT?

    Hit me up with a PM. mark
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