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  1. bigDcruiser

    For Sale  84 FJ60

    I have to move on short notice and don't have time to put it back together. Straight body with minimal rust in the typical locations. Engine has 15X,XXX miles on it. Was running when I pulled it but had several leaks. Pulled the engine to clean and re-seal it. Now I have no time to put it...
  2. bigDcruiser

    What's this?

    damn all that thing was stopping was a big pile of rust
  3. bigDcruiser

    What's this?

    thanks. i was hoping it wasn't something else to be replace before i drop it back in.
  4. bigDcruiser

    What's this?

    Back of the block, drivers side
  5. bigDcruiser


    i destroyed mine removing my engine a few weeks ago and need a replacement. any idea what the part number from summit was? i also saw a thread a couple weeks ago about a purpose built aluminum rad for the 60 made in california.
  6. bigDcruiser

    A/C-heater blower circut breaker keeps tripping

    mine trips if i leave it set to max for too long. pretty sure i need a new blower motor as well. pulled it to clean it and the brushes are toast. someone posted a link where you can buy a new one for about $20.
  7. bigDcruiser

    Another ammo can console

    i've got the exact same set up.
  8. bigDcruiser

    Hey Doc, How bad is it?

    looks about like mine. been dealing with it for as long as i've had the truck. finally developed a leak at the timing cover that couldn't be ignored. once the engine warms up a bit i've got a steady stream of oil from behind the pulley. bought the gasket overhaul kit from ccot. figured i'd...
  9. bigDcruiser

    More power wanted, as usual

    my platinum bosch plugs lasted 11 months before they were toast. i'm just buying the cheap s***e now.
  10. bigDcruiser

    CCOT overhaul gasket kit

    Not all too surprised at the response. Plenty of post about using the Toyota oil pan gasket as well. If I'm gonna piece mill it together may as well use all OEM. There are a few gaskets in the kit that I don't need anyway (water pump, therm housing, etc). Just looked like an easy and...
  11. bigDcruiser

    CCOT overhaul gasket kit

    Used the search function but it isn't working for me this afternoon. Can anyone advise on this kit? Looks like a good deal for the number of gaskets and price but don't know of the quality. Recently had a catastrophic failure in what I'm assuming to be the timing plate gasket. A/C belt broke...
  12. bigDcruiser

    fuel solenoid

    where's the fuel solenoid? just starting having a problem with my 84 yesterday. can't keep it running w/o quite a bit of choke and i'm still chasing the prob. also doesn't seem to be charging correctly but i don't see how the two are related. probably just got lucky and had two things take a...
  13. bigDcruiser

    Awesome custom bumper!

    i believe i'd drive it with that turd on there for a diesel with an h55
  14. bigDcruiser

    Two Buck Truck Carb Rebuild

    i wish there was a sticky thread with every post FJ40Jim has ever made. i could read that stuff for hours.
  15. bigDcruiser

    Horn Pin Replacement Pictures

    need to do this myself. horn died a few weeks ago, along with headlight switch. taillights went out a couple years ago. running both on a toggle from AZ.
  16. bigDcruiser

    a/c Heater Blower short?????????

    mine does the same. i can run forever on the 3rd of 4 speed settings but if i put it on 4th setting it overheats and blows the fuse in about 15 mins. the only thing i know about my blower fan is that the...well hell i've completely forgotten what they're called. the little things that are on...
  17. bigDcruiser

    egr return block off plate..

    i made a plate out of aluminum and the heat from the exhaust cooked right through it in a couple of days. granted it wasn't very thick but i was surprised that it melted away so easily.
  18. bigDcruiser

    For Sale (4) Eagle rims & BFG 31X10.5X15 AT's

    do you know the bolt pattern and backspacing? very interested if they'll fit a 60.
  19. bigDcruiser

    just cant win

    turns out to be a problem with the rebuild. rather than pull it off and start over i just took a die grinder and bored out the opening on the back of the fan clutch. took a couple 1000ths off and it fit just fine. thanks for all the feedback.
  20. bigDcruiser

    just cant win

    yeah i know but i was quoted $530 from toyota and this is the only one i could find locally. she's the dd so i was trying to get her back up and running asap. looks like i'll have to pull it off and order a new one anyway. thanks for your help.
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