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  1. motomodz

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler -

    1971 FJ55 FS Feeler - A FEW PICS ADDED.... Hello, Usual story, considering the sale of my 1971 FJ55 due to tight finances and lack of money to complete. This may be one of the most rust-free FJ55's out there period. Considering that it now resides on the East Coast and has approx 88k...
  2. motomodz

    wtb - 1971 FJ55 owners manual

    title says it all, looking for original (or repro if available?) owners manual for my 1971 FJ55. Not sure if there was any other small manuals or paperwork that would have came with one of these when purchased new back then but, let me know what you have. Is anyone making repeoduction manuals...
  3. motomodz

    FJ55 interior trim paint question

    I am preparing to repaint the front heater box in my 1971 FJ55 and I am trying to find a good match for the original charcoal grey-ish paint color....I am looking for either a source for some good aerosol paint or paint code ,etc. (The brackets that mount to the floor behind the rear bench seat...
  4. motomodz

    eBay  1975 FJ40 in Maryland

    Listed in the classified section but just posted the auction on Ebay. Here is the link too the auction: Toyota : Land Cruiser : eBay Motors (item 190374804511 end time Feb-27-10 18:00:00 PST)
  5. motomodz

    For Sale  1975 FJ40

    SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD!! I have reluctantly decided to part with my 1975 FJ40 to help me with some bills and to finance the completion of my FJ55 build. 1975 FJ40 - my daily driver for the last year but I work from home so, I don't drive it in the snow and salt...
  6. motomodz

    Need opinions for my pig, 3 speed or 4 speed?

    Hello Guys, I usually bug Shmukster with all my pig questions but, I wanted to open this question up for some others to offer their opinions, pros, cons, etc..... I have a 1971 FJ55 that I bought last year and have been slowing gathering parts for it and working on it here and there. Right...
  7. motomodz

    pig won't start....would like some opinions:

    My 1971 pig has been a project truck that I bought 6 months ago +/- but have not begun to work on it yet. Before that, it sat for several years with very little use. After I bought it, it sat in the driveway but once a week or so, I would go out and start it up and drive it up the street. All...
  8. motomodz

    WTB: Factory Service Manual 1971 FJ55 FSM

    Title says it all....PM me with what you have or if you know of a source for this.....I need to learn the ins and outs of this pig of mine!.... -Lee
  9. motomodz

    BFG tire question for the pig

    rookie question alert.....I have wanted to get a set of 33" BFG All-Terrain for my pig that will mostly be street driven however, I may have an opportunity to get a great deal locally on some 33" BFG MUD-Terrains. I assume that the Mud-Terrains will be more noisy on the road that the...
  10. motomodz

    1971 FJ55 interior firewall question-and more

    I have seen in many photos of the interior firewall area on some pigs that appear to have a black piece of material, vinyl maybe (?) sound deadening, heat reducing pad from side too side on the vertical part of the firewall between the interior and engine compartment (behind the pedal...
  11. motomodz

    anyone from CMCC passing by Baltimore area?

    I am looking for someone who could transport a pair of FJ55 seats that I bought from Smukster from the Rausch Creek event this weekend to me in the Parkville, MD area just north-east of Baltimore. I am near the I-95 / 695 and could meet up with you. If you may be able too help, send me a pm...
  12. motomodz

    HELP: stumped on no-start issue FJ40

    (sorry...kind of long!)...... Let me start by saying that I know very little about mechanical so I am hoping someone can offer up suggestions on what went wrong today!? I have had my 1975 FJ40 (that has a 1F from a 70-71 model swapped in) for about 10 months. Since I bought it, I have only...
  13. motomodz

    anyone coming back to B-more area from Rausch creek event??

    I bought two FJ55 seats from Gary (Smukster) and I am trying too see if anyone who is attending the Rausch Creek event might have room to bring two seats back too the Baltimore Maryland area?? if you can help, please e-mail me at thanks!! -Lee
  14. motomodz

    Wanted: complete A/C setup for a 1971 FJ55

    I am a little tight on funds right now but, I am putting my feelers out there for a COMPLETE Air conditioning setup for my 1971 FJ55 with stock F155 engine and 3 spd trans (column if that matters).........e-mail me with pics, description and price of what you have too
  15. motomodz

    WTB or trade 1971 Pig parts

    I need a dash pad for my 1971 Pig. I have a set of door panels that I will trade towards a dash. Prefer one in real nice shape if possible. PM or e-mail me with pics and price of what you have. I will try to post up some pics of the door panels I have this weekend. Also interested in a...
  16. motomodz

    My new 55 - intro and future build thread!

    :pig:Hello....Just wanted to introduce my new 1971 FJ55 to the fellow pig enthusiasts here! Thanks to a bunch of mud members for their help, advice, leads, etc.....I have found the perfect pig for me! It is VERY Original, and more importantly (to me), VERY rust-free! I don't have a grand plan...
  17. motomodz

    WTB: Dorry steering box / pump bracket

    After considering my needs and seeing a fellow mud-members mini-truck power steering set-up, I have decided to go this route.....I am looking for the beefy Dorry Steering Box bracket and I have heard that he makes a bracket for the saginaw pump so, I would consider that one as or...
  18. motomodz

    1972 FJ55 for sale in Ohio- no affiliation

    ***** Listed in the vehicle-for-sale section but, I thought I would copy the ad over here as well ***** Hey guys....I AM NOT PERSONALLY SELLING THIS PIGGIE!! - no affiliation with the seller, etc, etc... I thought I had found a pig project for myself but I may have found another one...
  19. motomodz

    craigslist  1972 FJ55 for sale in Ohio- no affiliation

    Hey guys....I AM NOT PERSONALLY SELLING THIS PIGGIE!! - no affiliation with the seller, etc, etc... I thought I had found a pig project for myself but I may have found another one closer to home (fingers crossed!) I figured since I took a pass on it, I'd at least like to see a fellow mud...
  20. motomodz

    Any Columbus OH area owners here?

    Not sure if this is the right place for this....if not, let me know....I'm looking for someone that can look at an FJ55 for me in your area...please PM me if you can help. thank you. -Lee
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