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  1. merryweather

    GCC Club Meeting - Saturday, February 16th

    The plans for this meeting came together on the e-mail list, but I thought I'd post them here for anyone who uses the forum. GCC cub meeting at Dickies BBQ at 71st & 145th (Kenosha & Aspen) at 12p on Saturday, February 16th (this coming Saturday). Hope to see you all there!
  2. merryweather

    New addition to the family

    Since losing our beloved dog Seymour, we really haven't wanted to get another dog. But, we came across a rescue dog that we fell in love with. Here's Charlie. He's a vizsla mix and is very relaxed and friendly. We are really enjoying having a puppy in the house again.
  3. merryweather

    Ipad App - My Maps Editor

    I've been looking for an iPad app that will use Google Maps satellite feed, but allow me to create my own hand drawn routes. I recently stumbled across My Maps Editor on the App Store and have been pleased so far. You can create routes from any point to any point, over trails, through creeks...
  4. merryweather

    Bug:  Ipad App Behavior

    This is not really a huge deal, but I've noticed that some sub forums, particularly Campfire Cuisine and Chit-Chat, will show up with a blue talk bubble, seemingly indicating new posts, even when there are no new posts within. It doesn't happen with all forums and subs, but I notice it regularly...
  5. merryweather

    6V Battery Setup Questions

    Hi all, Is it possible / feasible / advantageous in any way to install two 6V deep cycle batteries in my 80 series in lieu of a second 12V battery? This would be essentially a dual battery system, but using two 6Vs wired in series instead of the 12V. I'm primarily interested in maximizing the...
  6. merryweather

    Aftermarket Head Unit Installed - Engine Whine and Speaker Noise

    I'm sure this has been well documented, but after searching 'Mud and Google and finding what seemed to me like unclear information, I thought I'd post my results here. I installed a Scion head unit with iPod controls in my '93 80 series and immediately had a multitude of problems. The speakers...
  7. merryweather

    HAM Radio Noobie Question

    Hi, I'm interested in getting in to HAM radio operation. Can anyone advise as to where to start? Books or online resources to read? What is the basic outline to go from never having touched a HAM radio to being a licensed operator? Thanks in advance!
  8. merryweather

    Power vs Manual Seats - Riding High

    I don't know how it is for you all, but when I drive my 80, I feel like I'm sitting very high. My head touches the ceiling high. I am a big guy, so I'm sure that accounts for some of it. I'm just wondering if anyone else is "riding high" and if there's anything that can be done about it. I've...
  9. merryweather

    Seeking Employment  Graphic Design and Web Development

    Hi all, I am a graphic designer, web developer, and computer programmer with six years full time experience in graphic and web design, and nearly ten years experience in application development. I have a full time position writing applications for a healthcare organization, so I'm not...
  10. merryweather

    Toyota / Land Cruiser T-Shirts *UPDATE*

    Pricing is as below: T-shirt (Youth Small - Adult XL): $20 T-shirt (2X - 5X): $24 Long sleeve T-shirt (Youth Small - Adult XL): $23 Long sleeve T-shirt (2X - 5X): $27 Hoodie (Youth Small - Adult XL): $38 Hoodie (2X - 5X): $42
  11. merryweather

    Wanted  1 80 Series Center Cap (for '93)

    I'm missing one out of the four center caps and would love to be able to buy just the one. 93 FZJ80.
  12. merryweather

    Anyone know who this 40 belongs to?

    Saw it at the Tulsa Zoo run Saturday, figured whoever owned it had to be a MUD member.
  13. merryweather

    Strange Problem. Transmission / TC?

    Greetings, Over the last couple days I've been experiencing a strange problem with my '93 FZJ80. Intermittently (has happened three times in four days), when I put the truck in gear, it either won't move at all, or moves under very low power. When it happens, I try taking it in and out...
  14. merryweather

    Memorial Day

    Hi all, anyone doing any wheeling this memorial day? A couple of us were thinking of going to Disney, but nothing concrete.
  15. merryweather

    Wanted  80 Series Lug Nut Cover

    Looking for the center cover for a stock 80 series wheel.
  16. merryweather

    Wanted  Birfields for 1993 80 Series

    Looking for used birfs.
  17. merryweather

    Wanted  Birfield for 1993 80 series

    Looking for used birfield for my 1993 80 series.
  18. merryweather

    Wanted  Fender Flares for '93 Land Cruiser (FJ-80)

    Looking for fender flares for a 1993 FJ-80. Specifically need driver's side front and passenger side rear flares. Thanks!
  19. merryweather

    Wanted  WantToBuy: Birfields for FZJ-80

    Looking for a set of Birfields for my 1993 FJ-80. Thanks!
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