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  1. rghouse

    30k, yay or nay? (Fan clutch fluid)

    I'll do anything to get my engine to run cooler. I am at around 20k and it isnt enough when it gets above 100 and she is not at high RPMs. Next time the FC comes out the timing will be advanced further (temp opening screw IIRC) and stickier RC oil will be going in. Limped it through the hot days...
  2. rghouse

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Loaded up the 80 last Tuesday with 2 kids, 2 cats, a dog, 2 hamsters, valuables, and a case of beer. left at 1 AM, had to evacuate for North Complex fire. Felt really good to be in the cruiser. We are all safe and sound thank God. Fire rages on...
  3. rghouse

    A 1990 HZJ80 mini-refurb from Saudi Arabia

    Thanks for sharing your Arabian adventures, living vicariously through other Mud members always puts a gleam in my eye and adventure in my heart, especially in far-off lo-cals like this. I cant get enough of the desert personally. Love your (old) rig too. looking to source some foreign rear...
  4. rghouse

    Steel Wheel Tech

    looking good @wngrog , great with the graphics. PM'd about your design my steelies are still in the shop :( damn Big-O A/ts never die, at 5 year mark though! fingers crossed by next summer
  5. rghouse

    Black rock desert next weekend

    Yes we saw a pair of pronghorn above the springs in what I call the savanna area. Definitely a bonus, never seen one before, enhanced the safari experience.
  6. rghouse

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Thank you! no, it is a Sprinter van stock solid color. It no-doubt had a lot of playa dirt on it by the end, the first pics are more true to color. It usually looks beige, but also looks gray. That’s why I picked it. PM if you want more info.
  7. rghouse

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    ^^ yep, little monkeys jumped on top at every stop!
  8. rghouse

    Black rock desert next weekend

    It was a doozy. PM me if want to go here and want some guidance. Come prepared for anything, and bring a land anchor!
  9. rghouse

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Black Rock Desert trip with two oldest boys and a couple fellas. The 80 was certainly at home out there. Reminded again that (arguably) a Land Cruiser’s biggest strength is covering a lot of ground, with a lot stuff, over most any terrain, with amazing comfort. Looks good doing it too :) day...
  10. rghouse

    Black rock desert next weekend

    Guide cancelled on us on account of the wind (gusts up to 40 saturday afternoon, N/NW) and possible showers (not forecasted anymore). I am 50:50 about following through on my own (with 8 and 10 yr olds) and sticking to the hills. First night camp somewhere off soldier meadows in sheltered cove...
  11. rghouse

    Black rock desert next weekend

    I’m heading out to Black Rock Desert (NV) next weekend with my two boys and some guys from church. Rendezvous in Gerlach at joes Bar for an early dinner at 530 on Friday (12th). never been, super stoked. Will be the only cruiser out there (80) but figured I throw this out there for any takers...
  12. rghouse

    Another Winch Comparison - Recommendation Thread!!

    I’ll give two enthusiastic thumbs up for the smittybilt XRC 10k on my 80. Purchased on Craigslist brand new for $300. I was sold after my buddy came and pulled me out of the mud in my F250 loaded down with a full load of Oak firewood, uphill! He’s winched for years btw (grew up on the farm, had...
  13. rghouse

    What Did You Do with Your 80 This Weekend?

    Deleted the old tow harness and gained about 6” clearance on the ass end! One less thud on the trail, yippee. Tested it out with a nice dump run. Windows down and toons really lifted my spirits even though it was just a short trip up 70. The 80 with a utility trailer is working out nicely in...
  14. rghouse

    Low range transfer case gears from nitro gears?

    I am on the fence about 4:88s or re-gearing the t-case to 4.56(for when I goto 33s on my 3FE). Your comments lead me to believe re-gearing the transfer has 2 benefits I was not aware of. Could you comment on why the t-case re-gear gets you lower range than in the pumpkins? As I read it, you are...
  15. rghouse

    Tahoe & El Dorado National Forest OHV Trails Open

    Dig the grabbers, great tires. Looks fun. Dude you didn’t want to cross that? Lol
  16. rghouse

    Need help with paint questions.

    Agreed, cheep is bad news and not advised. If you search I think you can get there for more like 6k. If you have another rig, a garage (or tent), and some motivation you can do it yourself for under 16. I painted mine with no experience for about 1000$ including supplies ground up. Small dents...
  17. rghouse

    Low range transfer case gears from nitro gears?

    So that’s probably similar to the 4:56 type sold by others. last time I checked gear sets ran for this much...
  18. rghouse

    Low range transfer case gears from nitro gears?

    What ratio does a 3:12.1 give you as it translates to diff gearing? I’m not familiar...beyond the 488, 529 numbers.
  19. rghouse

    Pics of Green FJ40s - The BEST color. - show us what you have!!

    Never liked more than about a 2.5 “ on a 40, just doesn’t fit. My 2c
  20. rghouse

    Dash Configuration Reference

    why? I would rethink this one littleafrica. Not advised to chop up a nice OEM dash of all things. If you want the older look, wait for an older model. Seems like you have a classic already though...
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