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  1. cruisermatt

    For Sale  FJ60 disc brake backing plates and brake lines [FL]

    Nice pair of backing plates off a 60 series. No rust. Will get pictures up after I get them out of my parts washer. $100 shipped for just the plates. I can include new brake lines (the short hard line and short rubber line setup) for $140 shipped, and with new short stainless steel flex lines...
  2. cruisermatt

    heim crossover steering issue

    Who's running 7/8" heims in crossover setup with Toyota high-steer arms? I recently started converting my setup from a custom y-link (with the same heims) to crossover, got this Trail gear crossover arm for free so decided to give it a go. Ordered custom length 7075 links from WOD. Went to put...
  3. cruisermatt

    For Sale  60 series full length basket roof rack old-school Garvin Wilderness [FL]

    Selling the roof rack that's been on my 62 since the late 90's. It's a Garvin made Wilderness rack sold by SOR. I'd like to get $600 for it. Includes the gutter mounts and two sets of light mounts. Located in Orlando FL. I can also do any modifications you may want like lowering the basket...
  4. cruisermatt

    New years Windrock ride

    Who would be interested in doing about a week at Windrock, probably driving up the 26th, and doing about a week? I think I should be able to have my rig fixed up by then. it should be about 40 degrees the whole time so if anyone would be thinking about renting a cabin for the week it's about...
  5. cruisermatt

    For Sale  Toyo AT 35" on Tacoma Alloys with three spare tires [FL]

    I have a set of 4 tires mounted and balanced on Tacoma alloys, with three spare tires in the same size (7 tires total) One of the mounted tires has a nail in it i think but seems to be holding air. Tires are all Toyo AT in 35x12.5r17 and are all at about 25-30% tread. some are better then...
  6. cruisermatt

    For Sale  New OEM B Diesel Rear main seal and oil pan gasket [FL]

    As the title states. New OEM in packaging. $50 each plus shipping. These may fit 3B but I’m not completely sure.
  7. cruisermatt

    For Sale  FJ60 3.70 differential fine spline [FL]

    I bought this diff in an emergency to get myself home while on a cross country trip. Im Back now and don’t need it any more. Used but in good shape. Cruised at 90mph with no noise. Asking what I paid. $300. Willing to ship. Located in Orlando FL
  8. cruisermatt

    SOLD  [FL] New in box Motive Gear 5.29 gears 9.5" 40/55/60/80rear

    Got two sets of new gears, in box, 5.29 ratio. Will fit 9.5" diffs in 40/55/60 and 80 rear. Asking $220 shipped, or $200 picked up, per set ($440 shipped or $400 picked up for both sets). located in Orlando FL.
  9. cruisermatt

    SOLD  FJ40 H42 4-speed transmission [FL]

    Selling a lone FJ40 H42, 16-spline output, no t-case. It has a top cover but is missing a shifter handle. Spins free and looks "clean" inside. Output bearing is a little rusty but other then that should be a good unit. Was purchased for a customer's truck but ended up going a different...
  10. cruisermatt

    For Sale  85-87 FJ60 H42 Long [FL]

    typical 250k-mile H42 pulled for a H55f swap. No T-case included. Located in Orlando. $100.
  11. cruisermatt

    For Sale  Coarse spline FJ40 4.11 9.5" third member [FL]

    I have complete third member from a late 60's early 70’s FJ40, 4.11 gear set, square pinion flange. Unknown history, feels pretty tight though. Pics available on request but nothing remarkable to show that I can tell. $70 OBO, located in Orlando, willing to ship on buyers dime.
  12. cruisermatt

    Tool thread.

    I saw this in the North Carolina clubhouse page and thought it was a neat idea. Post up anything related to tools, something new or used you got, something that worked really well for a project you are working on, or a good deal others should know about. I love tools (and buying more of them!)...
  13. cruisermatt

    34mm vs 38mm Idler shaft T-cases... What's the real difference anyways?

    Time to stir the pot up a bit.. and hopefully clear some things up. Over the years when it comes to T-cases I have seen and heard multiple times, "Gotta have a 38mm case", "the 38mm case is stronger, better, etc", sometimes from reputable sources. Plus seeing the 38mm versions going for...
  14. cruisermatt

    What's going on at CruiserMatt's Off-Road

    Hey guys, finally got a small space setup for some cruiser work. Thought I'd make this thread to show some of the trucks and jobs that come in and out :)
  15. cruisermatt

    For Sale  Fj40 emissions VSV tank and smog pump brackets. [FL]

    Came off a 76 I desmogged, VSV’s are untested. $30 plus shipping for tank and smog pump brackets which even include the correct bolts.
  16. cruisermatt

    For Sale  FJ40 brake caliper hard lines, brackets and tees. [FL]

    deleted these and went to a single rubber hose from axle to knuckle so no longer needed. In good shape and could be re-plated for a 100% resto. The rubber lines are junk and will be removed before shipping. $15 plus shipping (envelope probably)
  17. cruisermatt

    For Sale  Tacoma TRD E-locker and housing [FL]

    used diff and housing. 4.3 ratio. $600 Obo. Located in Orlando, willing to ship.
  18. cruisermatt

    For Sale  FJ/HJ 80-84 H41 +splitcase combo [FL]

    Have been saving this but tired of moving it and tripping over it. Hard to find H41 and splitcase. Great easy upgrade for a FJ40 or 60 for lower gearing for wheeling. Coarse spline input shaft to go behind a 2F or 2H. 34mm idler splitcase that was rebuilt with 5K miles before my purchase and I...
  19. cruisermatt

    DIY Reverse Eye Leafs

    Does anyone have any experience with DIY reverse-eye leaf packs? I want to remove and flip a main leaf without touching the rest of the pack. I’ve read of some old school hot rod guys doing it successfully but can’t find any real accounts from anyone who’s done it on a truck that sees a lot of...
  20. cruisermatt

    Turkey trot 2019

    Turkey Trot will be November 15-17th @ Hard Rock off-road park in Ocala. We need a head count in order to plan the food and activities. This is a family event, Husbands, wives and children all welcome. All Toyota’s welcome to attend. Please post up with a detailed head count who what days you...
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