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    One hose rear heat delete napa style

    Well it was time to replace my rear heater hose at the firewall that feeds the valve. I first did this back in 08 and felt it was time to replace. Went to the local napa and went on search with the parts guy and came up with this. No idea what it is for and I’d did not have to modify at all. Got...
  2. ajax1

    For Sale  Colorado Utah 37mtr2

    Set of 37 mtr2 on 17s 14000 miles on um. Tires will get ya through wheeling for awhile. No holes no chucking all four in good shape. Front wore on outside edge more then the inboard, rear has even ware Located grand junction 500 bucks
  3. ajax1

    For Sale  Colorado Utah people suspension lift tires

    I got set of Slee 4 front and rear med springs Set of radflo 2.5 , will clean up corrosion and alodine them Set of 37 mtr2 have 14000 miles no holes no chucking If you take it all can throw in set Slee castor plates you’ll need bolts Set brake lines 1000 bucks takes it all Located in grand...
  4. ajax1

    NEW shoes

    Picked up some cooper stt pros in 8 ply. These replaced my Goodyear mtr2. I was a fan of the Goodyear’s had three sets, but as the last 2 sets wore down they have been impossible to balance. My friend has also experienced this with his. So done with Goodyears. First impression is these tire are...
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    Delta rear panhard bracket

    Bracket installed Poseur shot why not Got my delta bracket today from last week scratch and dent sale. Bracket showed up nice and protected although the box was blown out in the corner from the mail man. Instructions were included but this is pretty self explanatory. Install went pretty easy and...
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    MUDShip  Boston to colorado

    Looking for someone to pick up parts In Boston area. Roof rack couple batteries, lights, few misc items. Get them to Colorado. I m in grand junction but could pick up Denver. If anyone can help let me know thanks
  7. ajax1

    Intermittent driver window fixed

    my driver side window has always been fincky I replaced regulator and motor from used cruiser bout 7 months ago. Worked great for bout 4 months then back to having to smack the door and would work again. So I took door skin off and pulled motor and regulator as one and went thru it all. 1. Pop...
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    Iron man 2.5 rebuildable pros

    Just picked these up from metal tech for 6 inch lift. 12 inch stoke up front and 11.5 rear stroke. I have Oldman emu j springs with 1.5 inch spacer up front for level. I'd say I'm running bout 5 inches of lift maybe little less. Bumpers winch on front,no front sway,and tools and 37 out back and...
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    Trail gear spindle nut damage heads up on 80

    So I saw post but couldn't find it. Checked my trail gear spindle nut and sure enough bothe sides had ground off the Allen heads. The nuts stayed torqued to wear I had them though. Gonna replace the Allen head with some flat Phillips and see how those do. If your running this product on flanges...
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    42 mtrs

  11. ajax1

    Trail gear spindle lock nut

    Just installed the spindle lock nut kit, this eliminates the outer lock nut and star washer. Everything went on quick and easy. Set the bearings then put on lock ring and tightened her down. I'll post again in couple months when I rebuild the axle. Seems like a real good product and should...
  12. ajax1

    Fuel filter in 40 minutes like a boss

    Tips for fuel filter Open gas cap 1 slot the new filter for easy installation 2 . 24 inch extension 3/8 drive 6 point swivel socket 12mm 3. 17 mm socket for fuel lines use 6 point only Go up from underneath for the filter bolts I did both fuel lines with stubby 17 mm through top of engine...
  13. ajax1

    Rcvs or longs

    Like title says which if you have experience, main thing turns me off is if longs are China now, I'd prefer to support rcv then. Any info on who making the longs as in China?
  14. ajax1

    Imported 45 series drum to disc brakes all toyota

    Did disc brake swap from 60 series axle, pulled all the old drum s***, then rebuilt with 60 series knuckles backing plate, new calipers, 60 series hub, Asian locking hubs, new rotors. Sand blasted all the 60 parts and painted black, then assembled with new bearings, centered the knuckle. The...
  15. ajax1

    My observation for doing quick phh

    So I changed out few these now and just thought I'd share my experiences doing so. I was draining the block and rad so did it for s*** and giggles. 1. Drain block and rad 2. I then pulled fhh off the phh tube 3. Pulled top tube bolt next 4. I have the 2 bolt in at the middle of the tube still...
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    Hard brake line rupture ques

    So today was running billings canyon and broke the hard line that runs after the frame soft line that connects to the caliper soft line I guess from old age. I pinched the soft line from the frame with vice grips and drove out on 3 brakes and made it home. Do you think since I squeezed the soft...
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    Anybody want to wheel this weekend

    Like it says wheel this weekend ?
  18. ajax1

    Anybody want to wheel this Sunday?sept21

    Anybody down to try bangs or billings this Sunday or anything else? New to the area so open to anything
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    94 with lockers part out

    got a 94 with lockers no grill or headlights or ac everything else is there truck is in gunnison colorado
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    flex withou front sway moab

    truck in moab poison spider
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