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  1. hairy_apple

    Meeting next week cancelled.

    Sorry guys, Round table is closed and Placer County just went on lockdown. I was really hoping I wouldn't have to cancel but we just have to at this point. Good news is... the shirts are almost ready and look awesome. I will see you guys in April. Hopefully some sanity has returned by then.
  2. hairy_apple

    Saginaw PS hose issues.

    I got a new hose made to replace my 15 year old one that was leaky, and the new one instead of having the 11/16-18 inverted flare, just has 6-an nut... and a 11/16-18 adapter. Problem is, that the adapter raises the whole thing up 1/2 and inch or more, causing it to hit the radiator. I can...
  3. hairy_apple

    Virginia City trip?

    So, sorry for the short notice, but next Saturday if anyone is interested, I'm going up to Reno. I was going to help Tony Farson put the springs on his cruiser, but his springs are all wrong and so now they plan is I'm just dropping off some parts to him and we are going to go up and go...
  4. hairy_apple

    Head count for hangover run!

    Hey guys, I'll email tonight, but who is planning on going to Uncle Tom's New Years day. Just a headcount so we don't leave you behind if you're running late and to have an idea. 8am FORESTHILL exit Raleys in Auburn, and we'll meet up with a few more in Georgetown on the way. Hopefully we...
  5. hairy_apple

    Hey everyone!

    I think this will be a great resource as it will be something we can all use, and it will allow us to have conversations rather then just me emailing and hoping you all see it. Also, everyone can see the back and forth instead of just a single person. Much more efficient for club discussions...
  6. hairy_apple

    Wanted  4 speed transmission

    Looking for a 4 speed transmission. EIther with a split case, or an FJ40 one with or without a transfer case. Located in Grass Valley CA, but willing to drive a bit to get one. I want to put the engine into my FJ55 asap, I was going to just put the 3 speed back in, but the tarp came off it...
  7. hairy_apple

    Wanted  FJ80 3FE o2 sub harness

    I have a tough one. I am in bad need of a o2 sensor sub harness out of of 91-92 FJ80. It would plug into the passenger side of the engine wiring harness, and run across the transmission to the o2 sensor on driver side. I seem to have not kept it when I grabbed the engine harness and cowl...
  8. hairy_apple

    3FE 02 sensor sub harness

    Posted this in the 80 section as well... but... So, I am doing a 3FE swap into my 40, but figured I'd post here as there will be more people with 3FE knowledge in here. 91 fj80 engine. The problem I have, is that I failed to keep the sub harness for the 2nd 02 sensor when we parted out the 80...
  9. hairy_apple

    3FE 02 sensor sub harness

    So, I am doing a 3FE swap into my 40, but figured I'd post here as there will be more people with 3FE knowledge in here. 91 fj80 engine. The problem I have, is that I failed to keep the sub harness for the 2nd 02 sensor when we parted out the 80 that I took the motor from. Somehow totally...
  10. hairy_apple

    Auburn CA TLCA Chapter starting

    Hey, I don't know why I didn't think to post this here until now, but we have a small group trying to get a TLCA chapter restarted in Auburn CA. We have a group right now of around 15+ people, and are meeting on the 4th Tuesday of the month at Round Table pizza on Elm (Save Mart shopping...
  11. hairy_apple

    For Sale  FJ40 Long jump seats

    I can't see myself ever using these again, so I'm selling them. They are in pretty good shape, a few rips at the corners, but overall in good shape and ready to be used. $600 I can look into shipping... however... it might be pretty expensive. I would prefer local pickup. I am also going...
  12. hairy_apple

    Wanted  FJ60 cv driveshaft

    Hey, I am in need of a fj40 cv driveshaft. If you have one you can sell me please let me know asap, I am unable to move forward with my project until I have one.
  13. hairy_apple

    Wanted  1991 3FE coil/ignitor

    Hey, I am in need of a coil/ignitor for a 1991 3FE. Thanks!
  14. hairy_apple

    Wanted  3FE head

    I am in bad need of a 3FE head. Mine has a ton of cracks, and bad exhaust valves. I am in Northern CA, but am willing to pay shipping or take a bit of a drive for a good one. My project just came to a screeching halt and I'm stuck until I find one.
  15. hairy_apple

    Finally don't have to lay in mud and gravel anymore!

    We bought out house 7 years ago, and it didn't have a garage, and that was OK, because there was plenty of room to build at some point. Well, last year we finally got started. Spent months trying to get the permits going, got that sorted out and it took us a couple months with help from...
  16. hairy_apple

    Hairyapple's trailer build.

    Nothing too unique, a M416 clone, Started it about a year ago, got put away while we built the shop, finally got back to it this last few months and it's coming out great so far. Building this with a friend, who will keep it when it's done. Then we hopefully will build a 2nd one for me and...
  17. hairy_apple

    2FE or 1HZ? I've never felt more conflicted...

    I sold the 350/SM420 out of my cruiser yesterday, so I'm committed now to a motor swap. I've been working on the "2FE" motor for a while, collected all of the parts I need over the last few years, done a ton of reading, and started putting it all together over the last couple weeks... and now...
  18. hairy_apple

    3FE harmonic balancer on 2F

    I have a 87 2F block, that I am building a "2FE" with. I sadly dropped it out of the truck while loading it, and smashed up the harmonic balancer pretty good. I still have the 3FE block, and it has a 3FE balancer and pullys, however, it's smaller and different. I have read you can use them on...
  19. hairy_apple

    Builds  hairy_apple's 2FE build

    I have been wanting to rid my poor Cruiser of it's 350 for quite a while now. I bought a low mileage 2F 5 years ago. Then about 3 years ago I bought and ended up parting out a damaged fj80. I kept the 3FE and all it's parts. Two years ago, I bought a 4 speed and split case so I could run an...
  20. hairy_apple

    Bantam repair and rebuild

    I have an M416 which I loved building, so when i saw a Bantam on CL locally for cheapish, I jumped on it for a project. It was really sad looking, and had some interesting "fab work" going on.... So I started stripping paint and cutting off all the crap that someone thought they were...
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