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  1. justintpryor

    Sea Otter Classic 2020

    Anyone here going? I will be camping at the track with the cruiser.
  2. justintpryor

    FJ45 RUN 2017

    2017 FJ45 Run Fun Family Event that I attend every year. Highly Recommend. If any one has questions on location, gas, trail difficulty or wants to caravan/run trail together speak up!
  3. justintpryor

    Rubithon 2017 Recap, Pryor's Wagon Run

    Alright! Just finished washing and conditioning the leather on the rig. So its time to post! For those of you who don't know, Rubithon is a TLCA event that happens every year. People Sign up to go in from Loon Lake on different "runs" or just come down cadillac hill for the festivities. This...
  4. justintpryor

    Anyone interested in Marlin Crawler Roundup

    Well I just cant get enough of the Rubicon So Im going, my dad in his 60 as well. Anyone interested in joining us? 2017 Marlin Crawler Round-Up (MCR16)
  5. justintpryor

    Turf N Surf....A Land cruiser Beach Party

    Looks like my next wheeling trip will be out to the dunes for TNS! Between working almost full time, going to school full time(but my last semester:D) and having an internship I had to choose ONE:mad: multiple day wheeling trip from now till Christmas. And I chose TNS because its awesome...
  6. justintpryor

    fj45 run

    fj45 run is this weekend! 2016 FJ 45 Run: Sourgrass, CA I will be leaving Friday 3pm ish. If any one wants to caravan just let me know. I'm planning on stopping at the saloon where 4 meets boards crossing road for dinner, and then going up the trail. This is a really good first time event for...
  7. justintpryor

    Fatal rollover on the Rubicon this weekend.

    I just got done reading about a fatal rollover on Rubicon Fatality? - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum I remember when I first joined the club there was a thread on top with some kind of safety or club rules thing that you were encouraged to sign before going on a club run. Where did...
  8. justintpryor

    Hole In the week of my life, hands down.

    Here I will try and describe the most epic trip I've been on in a cruiser. It was really a once in a lifetime trip. We had a good group of guys, a crazy trail, great weather, and bitchin food and drink. This will take e a couple days to write and there will be a million pictures. I have decided...
  9. justintpryor

    For Sale  1965 fj45

    1965 FJ45 Toyota Land Cruiser no affiliation
  10. justintpryor

    Hunter Lake Trail, this weekend.

    I'm planning on doing the hunter lake trail this weekend. I have never done this trail but I don't believe it is difficult at all. The trail starts at the edge of southwest Reno, so it's very close. There is a potential to run into snow at some point so just keep that in mind. If we run into...
  11. justintpryor

    For Sale  80 Series OME 2.5 inch springs heavy/medium+rear shocks

    Two front heavy old man emu 850 springs for sale and two rear medium OME 860 springs for sale. Each pair of springs is $100. The springs have roughly 5000 miles on them, on a stock weight 80. I also have the rear OME nitrocharger 60020 shocks for sale, this pair of shocks is also $100. Located...
  12. justintpryor

    Hunter lake Trail? Possible future club run?

    Based on what I've read on the internet, this seems to be a fairly easy and close trail. The start is in south west Reno. Have any of you ran this before? If so what month, snow? Snow might be too deep for most of us right now, but maybe this is a stock friendly one for the future? Also, could...
  13. justintpryor

    Sunday 1/31 Messing Around Peavine

    I will be loading up the cruiser with people and exploring the north west side of peavine next Sunday 1/31/16. There is no set trail or destination or time to meet at this time. If you want to come along let me know. I'm sure stock rigs will be fine, I expect fire road with the occasional snowy...
  14. justintpryor

    Builds  What did you do with your cruiser today?

    Alright, post up anything! Show of your new mods, your oil change victory, or just a cool shot of the cruiser. Pictures are needed, or it didn't happen! I Installed a snorkel! Mainly for the looks, it was a gift. Made of chinesium, $80 instead of the $350 safari snorkel. Rain:mad: The A...
  15. justintpryor

    So I was thinking...

    Over in the 80 section we have a huge long thread titled, "What did you do with your 80 this weekend?" In this thread people post up anything from the cruiser hauling groceries to showing off their turbo set up. I like reading all the posts and seeing whats new, It's also a good way to see...
  16. justintpryor

    Eldorado Canyon Club Run

    Club run yesterday was a lot of fun! The turn out consisted of Mark in his 40, Kurt in his fjcruiser and myself in my 80. We left pavement right around the corner from our meeting point at about 9:15. The trail was interesting because you could stay on the easy trail or go through the river...
  17. justintpryor

    NEED TO BORROW 54mm axlw socket. Please!

    Does anyone own a 54mm axle socket that i could borrow? After getting the 35 inch duratracs installed :) I went into big O for an alignment. They quickly told me my front bearings were loose and they wanted to get in there repack the outer one and torque everything to speck for $400. I said f...
  18. justintpryor


    The FJ45 run is happening this weekend. Anyone from BBCNN going? Even just for one day? Well if your thinking of going, Sunday is the day to be there. Multiple people will be running slickrock or another "more difficult trail than sour grass" on Sunday morning and the raffle will be Sunday...
  19. justintpryor

    Builds  That One Build Thread...

    Alright, the time has come. After Lurking in the shadows on mud for years, i am starting my build thread. Be warned, this will probably be painfully slow. My Vehicle: 1997 FZJ80 40th Edition, i have had it for about a year and a half now. I got it bone stock with 186000 miles, it now has...
  20. justintpryor

    Wanted  Fj60 Power dteering pump USED

    My power steering pump went out and this kid in high school can't aford a new one! So i NEED a used one
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