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  1. Mdej3

    Benjamin’s 3D Prints Build

    Great thread. Great products. Awesome quality. Great support. Great guy. Recommend 100%.
  2. Mdej3

    SOLD DAVIS, CA: front diff 100 series locker or open
  3. Mdej3

    Wanted 08-99/08-02 100 series front axle carrier assembly. The whole thing.

    Got this one if interested.
  4. Mdej3

    Jack's " I have no idea how to forum" thread about a turbo '96 LX450

    Good update. Thanks!
  5. Mdej3

    For Sale Los Angeles - 1999/Land Cruiser/100

  6. Mdej3

    SOLD SOLD! 2002 LX470 DFW, TX Clean Build 125k Miles

  7. Mdej3

    SOLD Los Angeles: 1999 Toyota Land Cruiser

    Following. GLWS
  8. Mdej3

    For Sale 1990 FJ62 - Freeborn Red- 57k Miles

    I agree with you on this. Mud is becoming facebook and lowering member standards. Is kinda sad.
  9. Mdej3

    For Sale 1990 FJ62 - Freeborn Red- 57k Miles

    To @adamike, congratulations. The vehicle is worth every penny. I had fun reading, following and watching your post on BAT. Your detail, pictures and answers in there were amazing and i did learn a lot from it. Now, what's next after letting this one go??
  10. Mdej3

    For Sale 80 Series 4x4 Labs Rear Bumper

    Guys, this have been sold. Thanks for the interest !!!!!
  11. Mdej3

    eBay CA White 1984 FJ60 - Very Likely a SCAM

  12. Mdej3

    SOLD 1987 FJ60 FOR SALE

    Hmmm that rig got sold not too long ago on Fl for about $7k if I'm not mistaken. Quick flip? It is good looking!! GLWS!
  13. Mdej3

    Buying/Selling/Trading thread

    Hey !! I got one for sale. Will send an inbox. Thank you!
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