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  1. decoco

    Club Hoodies Order Thread 2020

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, It has come to my attention that there was some interest in our OCC Hoodie, so a re-run may be in order. Art work will be similar to the hoodies we currently have, once I get some interest I can start putting some ideas together. Sticking with the classic LC/Canada/...
  2. decoco

    Windshield Leak (please bear with me )

    I had a leaky windshield, late last summer I got my windshield replaced. I ordered the TOYOTA Gasket and took the truck to a windshield place. It turns out the gasket ordered was the one that accepts the trim/moulding. Took the truck to the windshield place, with the printed FSM instructions and...
  3. decoco

    Club Fall Get together

    Hello Folks, Fall is properly around the corner and as we are mostly a winter wheeling club, it might be a good time to start those meetings. How about Wednesday the 9th @ 6:30 at the place we go to in Saint Albert. Who's in?
  4. decoco

    Any trails to see around fernie ?

    I know Fernie is in BC, I’m here for a few days and open to going on a drive if possible. Nothing crazy just a nice trail to look around in. Any advice ?
  5. decoco

    Fridge wiring install 24 volt 77 series (pzj77)

    Just a quick question, as someone who’s trying their first wiring on their 77 series I’m trying to find out a few things. How are the batteries setup on a 24 volt cruiser? Based on the arb wiring loom diagram I should just be able to attach to the positive and negative and run the wiring...
  6. decoco

    Looking for an awning

    Attempting a rush job on an awning install, does anyone have one they won in the raffle and they wanna part ways with? I’m your person.
  7. decoco

    Windshield install on an 80

    I have a leaky gasket, windshield and otherwise (as my dad would say- lol!) I ordered the oem gasket via the internet but need an installer that knows what they’re doing. Any leads ? Someone said crystal glass but they have a few locations.
  8. decoco

    1pz parts question (specific?)

    Looking at a few parts number for a PZ Oil Cooler cover and I see two different part numbers. One with a nipple and one without. What is that nipple for? This is the part without the nipple: 1572117010 This is the part with the nipple: 1572117020
  9. decoco

    Club Baseball Hats?

    Well, the sun is out. Some of us are going to the warm desert of nearby Hinton. A few folks showed interest in the hats I got made a few years ago and was wondering if there was still interest. Our logo looked sharp on those hats; went well in gray, black and green- approved by yours truly...
  10. decoco

    Wing Night This Wednesday?

    Hello folks, keeping our monthly meet schedule - how do you guys feel about meeting this Wednesday for some social time. Same pub about 6:30?
  11. decoco

    Wanted  WT FZJ80/FJ 80 Fenders Preferred Alberta, CA

    Well, don't have much to add. I'm looking for Fenders preferably both but would take passenger side for now. Red Preferred.
  12. decoco

    FZJ80 Alternator

    I've been going through some threads; and couldn't really find the information I was looking for... What's the better quality/cost option right now for the fzj80 alternator? I've heard of people using is it 100 series Alternators or Sequoia Alternators?
  13. decoco

    PZJ77 Rear Locker Options

    This is borderline chit chat question. Was talking to a buddy yesterday about my rear locker options with my SF 77. My understanding is that that rear axle is : 9.5 12 bolt, semi floating, 50mm bearing, am I correct? I guess options would be the following: a) ARB Air Locker on the SF -...
  14. decoco

    2019 Wing Night - Winter Run Plans

    I may be jumping the gun... and hope the president will bless the initiative. With February coming up in a few months a meeting to get our plans going for our Annual Winter Run going is important. How do we feel about meeting Thursday January 3rd? For simplicity sake's I think that the place...
  15. decoco

    Golden Retriever is anti land cruiser

    I'm writing this as I sit in the passenger side of a Subaru Forrester, we have decided to take this vehicle because the Golden Retriver acts up in any of my Land Cruisers. The golden seems to get nervous and jumps from the back seat, into the front and puts his head on the drivers lap on top of...
  16. decoco

    Bruderheim December ?

    Salmon called me yesterday to let me know how much fun Bruderheim was. With the holiday season coming up; I'm checking to see if anyone is interested in heading out there sometime in the first weekends of December. Maybe the spruce grove bros can try their new fancy radios by then?
  17. decoco

    Parting Out  FZJ80 kits (Canada)

    I have two brand new unused Samco Hose PHH kits I ordered from recently. I ended up getting too many kits by accident and would like to pass these on to someone who needs to get this imperative piece of preventive maintenance done. "The original bulletproof Silicone Pesky Heater...
  18. decoco

    Where OCC Gives Back (charitable work) - Brainstorming and Ideas

    Hello Folks: As usual every year we try to give back to our communities in one way or another. As I understand we've volunteered our time, expertise, but also charitable donations and done food drives in the past. I feel it's important to keep giving back to our communities. I will work on...
  19. decoco

    Throwing codes P019, P0100, P0110

    Just finished doing my first valve cover gasket job, went to turn on the vehicle and I’ve been unable to turn it on. While there’s a suspicion there could be a battery issue (to determine this morning)... I’ve got an engine light on and a scan is showing codes p019, p0100, p0110. P0100 is mass...
  20. decoco

    Day Trip Labour Day Weekend - Sun or Monday

    Hello gals and guys... Inspired by Ibexoffroad's request to go on another run, and also by my lack of availability for Kawka (restricted time, budget etc)... I wanted to propose a day trip (for me) but does not be for you... I'll be at Pigeon lake that weekend, I'm stuck there Saturday night...
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