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  1. bigDcruiser

    For Sale  84 FJ60

    I have to move on short notice and don't have time to put it back together. Straight body with minimal rust in the typical locations. Engine has 15X,XXX miles on it. Was running when I pulled it but had several leaks. Pulled the engine to clean and re-seal it. Now I have no time to put it...
  2. bigDcruiser

    What's this?

    Back of the block, drivers side
  3. bigDcruiser

    CCOT overhaul gasket kit

    Used the search function but it isn't working for me this afternoon. Can anyone advise on this kit? Looks like a good deal for the number of gaskets and price but don't know of the quality. Recently had a catastrophic failure in what I'm assuming to be the timing plate gasket. A/C belt broke...
  4. bigDcruiser

    Dead in the road - need help real time

    started the truck up to let it warm in the driveway before loading my daughter to take her to school. got in and everything was going fine until i got 1-2 miles from the house. felt like she had died and was just coasting in neutral but i was in 3rd gear with my foot on the pedal. gave her...
  5. bigDcruiser

    finally have a/c

    after driving for 2 years w/o a/c i bit the bullet and spent the cash to get it fixed. best $1k i've ever spent. somewhere along the line the compressor was removed so i had to buy a new one along w/ a new dryer and expansion valve and have it converted to R134. i'm mildly handy w/ a wrench...
  6. bigDcruiser

    cold start issues

    had troubles through the winter getting the truck started any time the temp dipped below 40. drained the lucas oil additive and refilled w/ 10w40 and seemed to alleviate the problems. now i'm having what appears to be an entirely new issue. no matter the temp my truck will not start if it's...
  7. bigDcruiser

    HELP!!! Stranded, won't start.

    So i had this problem about 10-14 days ago when the temps dipped below freezing for the first time this season. The truck turns over and i can smell fuel getting to the carb but she just won't fire. When it happened last week i cranked on it till i could smell the starter getting hot so i know...
  8. bigDcruiser

    carrollton cruiser

    anyone on here have or know of a blue on gray cruiser in carrollton, tx? i've seen it in my neighborhood for about a year. i think it's a 62 but don't remember for certain. oh, and to keep it tech, what kind of roof rack do you have?
  9. bigDcruiser

    could it really be that easy???

    well, i've been driving my '84 fj60 for about 18 months and it's always idled high. usually about 1100. i fill her up with gas the other night and notice the next morning she smells like a fuel tanker when i take the squid to school. a little investigative work under the hood and i find a...
  10. bigDcruiser

    how important are vacuum leaks?

    i was under the hood this weekend and found 2 vacuum hoses that were not connected. one of them looked like it went to the egr? but the "nipple" had broken off. the other i didn't find a purpose for. honestly i'm guessing b/c i don't know a hell of alot about this engine but i stuck golf tees...
  11. bigDcruiser

    Interior door panel fabrication

    i've searched and to my surprise have not found a thread on this yet. if anyone knows of one let me know please. i pulled the door panel from my driver side today to try and gain an understanding of what it would take to fab some new, sturdier panels. mine are ragged and loose and due to the...
  12. bigDcruiser

    Wanted  WTB: center dash panel

    wish i had a pic or better description but don't know what to call it. it's the center face plate that screws into the dash where the a/c, ashtray, etc. are positioned. i'm in Dallas, TX and my truck is an '84 FJ60 with a tan interior. thanks.
  13. bigDcruiser

    p/s pump stopped leaking

    has anyone else had this experience? the damn thing leaked like a sieve when i bought the truck 11 mos. ago. even seized my smog pump, which was subsequently gutted and used as a tensioner. i used to have to add fluid about every other week. primarily used the lucas product and when i...
  14. bigDcruiser

    replacing emblems

    i've searched but can't find a thread on this one. if i'm overlooking it please let me know. i'm trying to find out how best to replace the "landcruiser" emblems on the quarters of my 60. i removed the to paint the rig and found the metal clips that hold them in place to be rusted to hell...
  15. bigDcruiser

    steering wheel

    what's with the brass "dust" building up on my steering column? she's my DD so i don't have time to tear it down w/o knowing what i'm looking for. tried the search option so i hope i'm not re-hashing an old issue but i'm fairly knew to the site so if i did - sorry. btw, just wanted to say...
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