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  1. rghouse

    Black rock desert next weekend

    I’m heading out to Black Rock Desert (NV) next weekend with my two boys and some guys from church. Rendezvous in Gerlach at joes Bar for an early dinner at 530 on Friday (12th). never been, super stoked. Will be the only cruiser out there (80) but figured I throw this out there for any takers...
  2. rghouse

    Philbrook High lakes obstacles

    Can someone in the Norcal area post some pix/info about the hard obstacle parts of the trail at the high lakes, and when you think it will be open this year? I did some really crazy obstacles last fall (La Porte to Sierra Buttes) and if there are go-arounds or winch points, I am game. The 80...
  3. rghouse

    Trade  Seats for Sig NorCal

    I have near-mint, completely re-done FJ40 buckets seats from the late US model. looking to trade for Sig P320. PM for pix if you have the item for trade.
  4. rghouse

    Defrost vent both sides? 79

    Can’t find both defrost vents and Dad says he’s not sure there were 2. I have an “L“ this is the piece that slides into the windshield base when folded down, and routes air for the defroster. Did it come on both sides or just driver? PN: 55957-90300
  5. rghouse

    Speedometer noise in Dash needle wobbling on 92'

    So it sounds like a gear is going out on the 92's speedometer (in-dash). It is still working but wobbling a bit and making a grinding noise in unison with speed (more low-pitched whining when fast, less when slow). Think I have heard it before but now it is permanent. Drove 200 miles yesterday...
  6. rghouse

    Lube for steering wheel

    So my steering wheel has always whined and sounds like it needs lube. Anybody recommend lube and where? Looks to be a grinding noise coming from the spring loaded brass colored screw going into the back of wheel. Has a green color to it I also use tilt a lot and that appears like it could use...
  7. rghouse

    17s brake choice

    Wanted to know what the reccommended brake upgrade is for a 3FE switching to 17” Toyota Tundra steel wheels. I’ve read that the newer 80 brakes fit 16s but not sure if they will fit 17s. I will be towing loads of oak soon (gettin rid of the super duty in place of a trailer) and want to be sure...
  8. rghouse

    cooling mods and T numbers

    For those guys who run a digital temp gauge can you report measured temps (net increase/decrease) before and after any of the following mods to your 3FE or 1FZ-FE: Aluminum radiator hood scoops electric cooling fan/s Toyota Red coolant Would like some proven numbers from experience in high...
  9. rghouse

    MUDShip  San Diego to Norcal seats

    I need some 40 series front seats driven from Socal to Norcal. Will cover some fuel cost. PM me
  10. rghouse

    so it was 105 today...

    yep, you guessed it, the old 92 started overheating again waiting in line at Costco for gas. Had to switch the A/C off, the electric fan on, and step on the gas to over 1500 RPMs. Thought I had it licked finally, but its been a mild summer... Mod'd fan clutch: check complete cooling system...
  11. rghouse

    Seating for 5?

    Trying to squeeze the whole family (5) into the 79’ fj40. Would ideally like to put a 60/40 bench in front, but am game for bigger benchs in back. I know the older 40s had a longer bench but anyhow open to suggestions here. Foreign models look to have longer rear jump seats to accommodate...
  12. rghouse

    Wanted  60/40 (foreign born) front bench for 79' 40 series. Buckets for trade?

    I have a family of 5 and need to add a seat. Comments and help appreciated in acquiring a 60/40 bench seat out of a FJ40 from over-seas. I have some nicely re-done, brand new, un-used buckets to offer in trade also.
  13. rghouse

    79 in Norcal to look at for some guidance in resto

    What im looking for is a very stock 79 era truck to look at and take some pix of wiring, heater/dash, hoses, firewall, etc. etc. The manuals I have found are just not comprehensive enough for me and I come up with more unanswered questions more often than not. Any help would be greatly...
  14. rghouse

    For Sale  NorCal FJ40 rear bumper bumpers

    $50. local pickup preferred but will ship on buyers dime.
  15. rghouse

    Seat belts still work?

    What is the general consensus on original seatbelts? They seem sturdy enough to me and will be a nice touch for our complete stock restoration of the 79'. I'll be driving the rig a lot once its all put back together but I wasnt sure if its ok to use the old belts but thats what I want to do
  16. rghouse

    Is a 'Feb 79' Covered in the 1980 FSM publication?

    Anybody know if the 1980 FSM covers a Feb 79 FJ40 or were there some changes made to the 1980 model? 2F, USA What model years are consistent with Feb 79' or what is the production run of this year class? thanks
  17. rghouse

    3FE front end clicking

    Reading through some threads here and none are 3FE specific that I can find. The 92 has intermittent clicking on turns, usually up hill. Sounds like it could be birf or low ball joint grease. I’m taking it in this morning for inspection-i don’t want to mess this one up. Never had any front end...
  18. rghouse

    X20 mounting on stock 80, clutch access?

    Just doing some Initial planning here for my Smittybilt X20 10K, which is going on a fJ80 behind a stock bumper. It looks like the clutch engage switch on top is gonna be very difficult to access under a stock bumper has anyone done this before? My thought is that I’m gonna have to takeoff the...
  19. rghouse

    Trying to match a powder coat color

    Just scored 4 powder coated steelies (17”) and on the hunt for a 5th, I will need to match the color though. I’m guessing there aren’t that many light grays out there. Seems to me this was done atleast 5 years ago. Anybody know this color? Or even the PO, came from an 80 owner in Bay...
  20. rghouse

    For Sale  Sold

    I just purchased a set of wheels off Craigslist for the rims, they came with a really nice set of 35” BFGs with plenty of tread, DOT 1115. I am located in Butte county. PO said he used them as winter tire for two seasons. Willing to meet halfway reasonable distance if need be. Will get some pics...
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