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  1. chris777

    I need a cap for windshield reservoir

    after only 35 years, my windshield reservoir cap has disintegrated. Anyone know where ican get one, or have you discovered something i can use?
  2. chris777

    Newbie to J200 Crawl Control noise question

    I have only had our 2018 Land Cruiser a little over a month and took it for my first off road test ride today. put it in Neutral, in 4wd Lo, center diff lock on, It stopped blinking, then turned on Crawl Control. When driving forward with crawl control on, in any of the 5 speeds, There was a...
  3. chris777

    Question about remote engine starter

    I have a 2018 LC With remote engine start. After starting the engine remotely, why does opening the drivers door kill the engine? Doesnt make sense to me. I tried finding the answe with a search but could find nothing about the door killing the engine. Is it a setting or set up that i can change?
  4. chris777

    How critical are battery trays?

    I have a 31M X2Power battery i tried installing in my 200. The previous owner already had a 31 in there. The X2 fits, and the hold down works, but the thin battery tray with a 1/4 inch high lip is maybe an inch too short on the longest dimension. Should i install it anyway? Or should i cut up an...
  5. chris777

    inaccurate range display

    the range displayed on the screen between the tach and the speedometer in my 2018 Land Cruiser said I had 4 miles of range left before running out of gas. I pulled in to a gas station and could only get 20.5 gallons in to a tank that the specs say holds 24.6 1. is this common? 2. Can I adjust...
  6. chris777

    Stock battery cables wont reach new 31M battery posts

    I bought a new X2Power 31M battery from batteries plus. Brought it home, tried to install it. The battery cables wont reach the posts, because the battery is 1/2 inch taller and the posts are 2 inches further forward on the battery. If it were my FJ60 i would just buy longer battery cables at...
  7. chris777

    How to remove interior rear quarter panels

    Any tips on how to remove the rear interior quarter panels on my 2018 Land Cruiser? ARB drawers are arriving tomorrow, and i need to prewire the back for my new Dometic fridge. I will be installing a female power port plug in the quarter panel. Dont wont to damage those panels with ignorant...
  8. chris777

    My Introduction to the 200 series forum

    Hi everybody. my New wife and i just bought a 2018 200 series Land Cruiser, and will be posting up questions, but first wanted to introduce myself. I am not new to “Mud”, however. I have owned a 1985 FJ 60 since January of 1986, and I have wheeled her, Precious, on 7 trips to Utah In Utah, and...
  9. chris777

    How do i protect my rear stabilizer brackets?

    Most times that i go off road, with my FJ60, over rocks, i find out that one of the two brackets that holds my rear stabilizer become so beat up from rocks that i have to replace them. And sometimes they start making clanking noises when off road until i do get them replaced. They are mounted to...
  10. chris777

    The future of off road vehicles...

    And i look forward to it.
  11. chris777

    Replacing the starter on the trail.

    FJ200 owners, what is your plan if you are on a multi day trail ride, in a remote part of Utah, the White Rim trail, the Hole in the Rock Trail, or the Maze, and your starter goes out? Ive taken the ‘85 FJ60 Ive owned for 33 years to such places, and know that if my starter went out, i could...
  12. chris777

    Fuse box.. question about dome light & door fuses

    does the fuses box dome light refer to the dome light above the liftgate on the inside, or the one above the space between the front seats? I think that perhaps the door fuse might be for the light above the space between the front two seats, and the dome light rear dome light above the...
  13. chris777

    This map tells you why Texas sucks for us.

    Federal land, BLM Land, gives us all a reason to invest our time, money and experience, into driving our trucks and camping in the beautiful widerness. All we have in Texas is State parks, one tame national park, and canned off road parks. I hate being so far away from the BLM land in all the...
  14. chris777

    Questions about the FJ200

    i am considering buying an fj200, 2013-2014. Been driving an fj60 for 32 years. 1. Does it have a full spare? Where is it? 2. I dont need the 3rd row seats. Easily removed? Does it give more space? 3. Do they all come with only the center differential lockers? Or can you find them with front...
  15. chris777

    the first Land Cruiser was NOT a Toyota....

    it was, in fact, a 1933 Studebaker! 1933 Land Cruiser by chris777 posted Jun 17, 2017 at 8:03 AM Studebaker Land Cruiser - Wikipedia
  16. chris777

    need the in-dash round housing that includes 4 gauges.

    I need The in-dash round housing that includes the temp, oil, gas, and charging gauge for an FJ60.
  17. chris777

    My article about the Hole in the Rock Trail in Toyota Trails

    my article about my trip to the Hole In the Rock Trail, in Utah was published in Toyota Trails magazine, page 28. Check it out! Toyota Trails - May/June 2017 Issue
  18. chris777

    13th Annual Campout & Trail Ride

    for all you mountain bikers out there, there will be a campout and trail ride at Solavaca Ranch this weekend, near Glenn Rose. Click Here to learn all about it.Dallas Off-Road Bicycle Association
  19. chris777

    looking for CruiserDan and Sway bar

    HI, I am looking for CruiserDan but a search comes up empty. I am really looking to add a rear sway bar or stabilizer bar to my FJ60, I have heard that many people buy ones meant for FJ62s. I thought I would ask CruiserDan, but can't find him on here. Am I spelling his name wrong?
  20. chris777

    My Favorite LandCruiser Mechanic has a new web page...

    Mike Dadja has finally got a web page! Welcome to the 90s Mike. Click the link below and check it out. Land Cruiser Repair | Dajda's Auto Care | North Richland Hills, TX | 817-427-4857 Mike is the most knowledgeable Land Cruiser guy in Texas. And he has enough people working for him to...
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