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  1. BajaTank

    H50 tranny

    Hello, came across with this Toyota Dyna H50 tranny with what it looks like an identical FJ pre 1979 transfercase attached to it!!!! Before trying to buy it I would like to ask if this set up will accept my 3B engine? Meaning using my bell housing, clutch, etc. I thought about it being a 5...
  2. BajaTank

    12volt 4bt cummins into 24volt BJ41

    Hello, I need your advice on how to approach this. My BJ41 JDM 2B engine is getting tired and I have a 4bta sitting in my garage with an Nv4500 tranny. The hole system in the rig is 24volt. So the question is how can I keep the cummins 12volts and the rest of the BJ 24volt? Your input is...
  3. BajaTank

    2B valve?

    Hello, question to the experts. Notice oil around one of the ports on the exaust manifold, is it a valve? or something else? Also a few blue smoke when switching gears. Could this be for the same problem? Thanks in advance. Pictures attached.
  4. BajaTank

    4BT to stock 4 speed fj40

    Apologies if this question has been asked already. Is it possible to install a 4BT cummins engine to a stock 4 speed FJ40 Transmission? or the only option is a NV4500 tranny? I would like to keep it as stock as possible and with the less mods. I have a 4" lift on my rig, if I install the 4Bt do...
  5. BajaTank

    Diesel Question

    Greetins, I would like your advice on the following please: I have an Fj40 1978 with a NISSAN LD28 straight 6, 2.8L diesel engine, This engine was installed in New Zealand, I guess that type of engine is very common over there and Europe..... Not much here in the states (1981 to 1983 Nissan...
  6. BajaTank

    Upper console

    Hello, is there an original wood upper console on 40's models? My BJ41 Japanese Diesel Model 1983 has one, if is not original I will probably take it off. I remember seeing a BJ from the late 70's on youtube and had one similar as mine, just his was painted black. Please look at the pictures and...
  7. BajaTank

    B and 3B engine

    Cheers my cyber friends, some questions for the experts. Have. 1983 B engine. are the fuel, oil and air filter the same for B and 3B engines? How about the drive belts? Seems that auto parts carry more items (for obvious reasons) for the 3B engine, so I am doing my homework to see what can I...
  8. BajaTank

    BJ40 no manual hubs

    Hello Fellas, found this 1983 BJ40 right hand drive here in California. Straight from Japan. Have a couple of questions for you the experts, and thank you for the help. First I notice the rig does not have manual hubs, and has a pull knob on the dash board for the 4 wheel drive which turns out...
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