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  1. piecemeal

    Wanted  Hannibal Classic RTT jumbo flysheet and/or annex

    Anybody have a hannibal jumbo fly sheet and/or annex for a hannibal classic RTT they want to sell??
  2. piecemeal

    Wanted  eezi-awn spoyla recvee panels

    anybody got any recvee annex panels for an eezi-awn spoyla they want to sell??
  3. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 63-74 3 spd transmission price updated $100 plus shipping
  4. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 63-80 transfer case price updated.... $150 plus shipping
  5. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 - 63-80 transfer case

    as is.... $150 plus shipping (was mated to 3 spd transmission with PTO). PTO pictured in background is NOT available, but selling previously mated 3 spd transmission in separate post. Will need PTO or PTO delete cover to complete (any random gears in pictures are NOT included).
  6. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 63-74 3 spd transmission

    as is.... $100 plus shipping (my guess is $50-$75 anywhere in the lower 48
  7. piecemeal

    tire size 33 x 10 x 16 Does this size exist??

    Help!! I just got a set of ROH Trak 2 - 16 x 7 rims and would like to get some tires for my manual steering FJ40 and am having a hard time finding any near this size (could be 32.5" or up to 34" diam, but no wider than 10.5"). Anybody have any suggestions?? Any thoughts on bias ply tires?? I...
  8. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 Long Jump Seat Frames

    FJ40 Long Jump Seat frames (no angle cut) AS IS - $225 shipped to lower 48
  9. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 dash (corner a bit messed up)

    as is.... dash repair was started, but not finished (mounting tabs and condition pretty good otherwise - see pics) $20 mirror arms plus shipping ----SOLD---- $50 shipped
  10. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 Valve cover (68'-71')

    as is.... Valve cover $35 shipped to lower 48
  11. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 Crusty barn doors with latches and license plate mount

    as is.... $25 plus shipping
  12. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 OEM bumper great shape!!

    as is....great shape!! $50 plus shipping
  13. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 air cleaner top(s) good and bad air cleaner housing

    as is.... both air cleaner tops in good shape, but housing has seen better days Each top $30 and free housing with matching top if you want it (plus shipping)
  14. piecemeal

    SOLD  CJ-7?? soft doors with free bikini top (no channel)

    as is....doors are dirty, but plexi is in good shape (no cracks or weathering) and good zippers and door handles $100 plus shipping
  15. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 hood aprons

    as has a dent that can be easily pounded out $50 plus shipping
  16. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 3-speed Bellhousing 11351-60011 and flywheel cover

    as mounting brackets $100 plus shipping
  17. piecemeal

    For Sale  FJ40 early cap/distributor, water pump, thermostat neck

    as is.... dist and cap $20 plus shipping water pump (spins freely) $30 plus shipping Thermostat filler neck $20 plus shipping
  18. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 Early intake/exhaust/carb

    as is.... $150 plus shipping (I can chop off downpipe so it's cheaper to ship
  19. piecemeal

    SOLD  FJ40 Radiator Support

    as is.... $40 plus shipping
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