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  1. rj95lss

    For Sale BUILT FJ40, ready to crawl!

    Looks like Mr Jits had a rear bench installed before selling it to you. I think this might be exactly what I'm looking for next month, I'll circle back here then.
  2. rj95lss

    For Sale 1985 4Runner [NY]

    Very tempting - nice package deal!
  3. rj95lss

    4th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet

    I'm still a maybe. I'd most likely be driving down from NJ late Thursday night or Friday morning. Anyone coming from my way at all?
  4. rj95lss

    4th Annual 70 Series Meet & Greet

    We have already planned a week trip for the week after this, but I’ll see if I can talk her into both or cancelling the other one.
  5. rj95lss

    For Sale 1991 KRD HZJ73

    Those rear shackles get me every time.
  6. rj95lss

    For Sale 1985 BJ73

    I hope the new owner cuts the fenders out, moves the front axle forward and puts some 40's on it. For 6k this would make an awesome dedicated trail rig!
  7. rj95lss

    Looking for 24 volt winches

    I went 24v converted 8274 but if cash was an issue I would go ComeUp for sure, they have a couple options and can be easily forward mounted in the ARB bumper.
  8. rj95lss

    Wanted BJ70/73/74 rear doors

    There is a long list of us hunting for these in the states. Good luck to you sir!
  9. rj95lss

    SOLD Warn 8274 24V Motor and Solenoid Pack(with controller)

    This is a deal!!!! I just paid $800 for all this to convert a 12v to 24v.
  10. rj95lss

    Vendors for 70 series Sliders

    Yeah Jason makes them but will not ship to the US. But if you can arrange your own shipping you are golden. Honestly though, any 4x4 shop near you can make some for you with a couple days and for $400-800 depending on what you want.
  11. rj95lss

    BJ74 - New to Metal-tech 4x4

    I got some sliders from MT last week, having to make small adjustments but should work great for my HZJ73 (custom routed exhaust).
  12. rj95lss

    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Those lights are pricy!
  13. rj95lss

    What did you do on your 70 series today?

    Changed oil/filer, diesel filter, ATF, t-case oil, diff's oil, and installed the rubber mats from @beno today!
  14. rj95lss

    Found Japanese 1990-1995 70 series wiring manuals!

    Thank you!
  15. rj95lss

    Any ideas on making 35" tyres fit on my SWB 70

    SOA!!!!!!!!!! haha, that's always my answer. Love that top chop, looks great!
  16. rj95lss

    For Sale DELETE

    This is a great deal!
  17. rj95lss

    Switching 24v Vacuum Solenoid to 12v

    Well if anyone else has this issue you can rest assured it worked perfectly. If anyone has any questions just let me know. Thanks!
  18. rj95lss

    Factory Rubber Floormats anyone??? (RHD)

    Sorry @beno its probably my fault for starting this thread.
  19. rj95lss

    Wanted 70 series spare tire carrier

    Yeah I want one - please just PM a total shipped to 08055 and how to pay. Thanks!
  20. rj95lss

    Factory Rubber Floormats anyone??? (RHD)

    My 92 hzj73 uses those two holes, maybe that's the year of the change?
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