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  1. Paco

    Builds An HJ61 followed me home to Texas

    @bottombracket are you putting a CT26 back on or upgrading? @roma042987 Beautiful work!!! Was this a favor for @bottombracket or is there a waiting list I could get on for when mine needs a rebuild?
  2. Paco

    SOLD [Portland, OR] 2x Scepter Fuel Cans w/Diesel Gaskets & 1X Spout

    How old are these and have they been used solely for diesel?
  3. Paco

    For Sale Laguna Hills, Ca. Wilco Hitchgate Offset Spare Tire Swing Out $750

    Good to know - thanks. Yes will not work for me since I have a hitch mount rack.
  4. Paco

    Straighten bowed tailgate?

    My whole unit was also bowed. Top had about a 3/4" gap and afterwards it was around a 1/4" or so.
  5. Paco

    For Sale Laguna Hills, Ca. Wilco Hitchgate Offset Spare Tire Swing Out $750

    What bike rack are you using? I am using a kuat and wondering if I would have the same problem...
  6. Paco

    Straighten bowed tailgate?

    Mine was bowed from PO pretty bad. I ended up installing a tailgate lid from wagongear. It pulled it back straight pretty close to flat - noticeably better. There are several folks who make lids so it is worth looking around, but I was extremely satisfied. Kevin makes a great product.
  7. Paco

    For Sale Rigid Industries Radiance Scene LED Pod Lights

    Do you know if they work on a 24v system?
  8. Paco

    Cascade Cruisers - Club Chat

    Sounds like fun! Unfortunately I am already booked on another project this weekend.
  9. Paco

    60 series porn (pictures of the kind that get people like us excited!)

    Great work - looking sharp!! Did you refresh the locker handles and assembly or get a new one? Mine was painted by the PO so also looking to refresh.
  10. Paco

    Fabricated a rear swing out for the 60

    I think your welds look great for a first run! I agree on the gusset for the tall vertical from the swing-out and actually a plate like shown in cruiserpilot's picture is a good idea. Take it halfway down the swing-out arm and it will help with front to back rocking. I would suggest adding a...
  11. Paco

    60 series 12HT - Rebuild or replace the turbo

    I recently rebuilt my turbo and have been satisfied, but wishing I would have upgraded. I did a bunch of research here and the Grunter vortex green from G Turbo is pretty much a straight swap and it can run without an inter-cooler. If I had to do it again I would have upgraded.
  12. Paco

    12HT Glow Screen

    My glow screen was working intermittently and has now quit altogether. Traced through to the screen connections so it is getting power but no continuity in the screen. Pulled it up on PartSouq and was able to source out of Japan for $425. Are these rebuildable? Any other less expensive options?
  13. Paco

    SOLD El Paso, TX 1 3/4 tube quick fist mount

    I am interested - sending PM
  14. Paco

    SOLD Sold Portland OR/Vancouver WA: Tepui Kukenam Sky 3 Roof Top Tent

    I had a great time meeting up with @turbotoyz this weekend (while observing social distancing and wearing face coverings) to pick up his RTT. It was in great condition as advertised and they helped set it up on my rig. I look forward to many nights with it under the stars.
  15. Paco

    radio without "memory" power draw?

    Do they make a 24v version?
  16. Paco

    Builds Electric TLC FJ-40 Build

    Have been watching this one for a while - great work!! Will the DIY systems be adaptable for a 60 series?
  17. Paco

    jw speaker owners with fj62s

    Ditto what @bottombracket said. I have had them about 6 months but the best upgrade I have done to any of my cruisers. Wish I had put a set on my previous 62. I drive the mountain passes a lot over to Central Oregon and now I don't get headaches from late-night white knuckle winter trips. I...
  18. Paco

    SOLD SLC, UT: HJ6x Brown Steering Wheel SOLD

    Steve - is the rubber tight on the wheel all the way around? Mine is loose on the top half so it spins like motorcycle throttle when gripped. I have thought about trying to inject some epoxy or other type of adhesive into it but haven't found one yet.
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