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    presentation and brake issues

    i talk to a mechanic and he thinks that the problem in the master cylinder that the 1'' is not sending the right pressure. today i use a couple of pliyers and crim the ruberd house (front banck) and the brake pedal won't move at all so i think that my problem is air in the well cylinders, but...
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    presentation and brake issues

    i am at the valves and a friend is at the brakes pedal :)
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    presentation and brake issues

    Hi to all, my name in Juan I live in Bolivia. I watched the forum for some time, in some occasion wrote in the forum fj100, recently acquired my first FJ40 land cruiser year 1977 and the first since I have it are headaches, my brakes were loosing fluid on the wellso I decided to change all the...
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    help a/c bolwer not working

    hi, am being a member for a while but just loocking but now i have a problem that i driving me crazy, am working on a '99 fj100 taht belong to my father, 2 day ago the a/c blower stop working i check fuse and the blower there are ok (working fine) but there is no power at the blower conector so...
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    Affordable Radiators in Houston?

    i like 4 season radiator, good cuality and some time cheaper than 1800radi....
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    Flashing A/C Light

    is not just on camry's, all toyotas model use the same relay, change the relay is a bit epensive (85$us) at the dealer in houston, that shout take care of the flashing
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    Code p0304

    posible problems: * ignition system( coil, spark plugs) * injector * engine compression did you check the spark plugs? try this put new spark plug in that cylinder whit the new coil if the miss goes away it way tha spark if not, unplug the coil and let the engine run at idle for a 1 min, take...
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    poss. eletrical/fuse problem

    fuse box location, the fuse #4 is for the dome ligts on the driver side fuse box, check the fus box on the passager side for the doors
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    Sudden loss of power on freeway...

    replace APPs
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    Serpentine Squeak

    is not lubrican becouse the silicon thas notdamage the rubert on the belt, it just act like sound insulator
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    Sudden loss of power on freeway...

    the best option is check the The ECM for code or pending codes, if you dont have codes you need to ping ponit the problem, could be fuel pump, fuel filte, fuel pressure regulator. there is alot involve in lack off power, have you loock your MAF sensor? sometime it get dirty and couse that...
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    Serpentine Squeak

    try whit silicon(gasket maker gray) put some in the inner part of the belt turn the engine and the squeks sut go away if not could be idler pulley or thecioner pulley
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    vibration when drive on highway

    if you only get tha vibration between 60-75 is not going to be the berings, berings increase or decrease whit the vehicule speed, i will check rims for bends or dirt in the inner part, some time that afect the balance off the tires, u-joints
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    Sudden loss of power on freeway...

    i'll go whit the TPS, when a coil or spark plug is not working you dont loose your pedal responds. when you have a miss fie most of the time your CEL will blink until the code Po300 sets
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    wanted: built 100 or lexus,

    do you have some pictures? where you at?
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    Replace or Reuse Calipers?

    just replace the pads and service the rotors, btw it allways good to exchange the brake fluid you know " pump, opend bleeding scrud, pump again" offcourse you are gonna need some to help you
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    Soon to be w/ 2000 LC

    ok time belt sound good, but what about the water pump, idler pulley and tensioner pulley?
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    2003 Land Cruiser - Modified and off-road ready

    here is something goog i gess check the link 2003 Land Cruiser - Modified and off-road ready.
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    my little mod for the day.

    what is that before you TB?
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    loss of power!

    from what I read you are going to need a scanner with datascrem capabilities not just a obd reader, a good digital multymeter so you can backpobe the ecm, tp and apps conector and check that ressitance and Volt are on specs, maybe you hace a short and the ecm is interpreting as TP APP Or maybe...
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