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  1. Jarrad Coleman

    Bad experience with CruiserParts

    These guys are criminals I bought a wide body front clip for the newer 70 series to put on my 92 7O series from them for a customer of mine. Everything was supposed to be included I specified everything bolts hood latch inner outer fenders fender wells. Well after $3k it showed up the way they...
  2. Jarrad Coleman

    Wanted Sandpoint: Look for 4 door 70 series pickup

    I have a rust free LHD it’s ready to paint but I think it’s way to nice to cut up
  3. Jarrad Coleman

    75 Series engine swap

    Cruiser Haven has 1hd-Fte motors very reasonably priced with autos. I think that’s why they are so reasonable because they are autos Don’t be scared of it having a ecm if it’s a auto you want it would be better to have it non mechanical
  4. Jarrad Coleman

    75 Series engine swap

    Gauges should not be a issue on the older interior but if you have the new interior Dakota digital makes a module to convert digital reading to mechanical and vise versa.
  5. Jarrad Coleman

    75 Series engine swap

    1uz is way better for a conversion so many swaps have been done harnesses are available. Plus unlike 2UZ the 1UZ is fully forged and supercharger and hot cams are available. You can bolt the 80 series trans direct I go with the diesel torque converter on it though.
  6. Jarrad Coleman

    75 Series engine swap

    V8 will fit in the narrow nose
  7. Jarrad Coleman

    Wanted Looking for a 70 series pickup

    How about a 2012 legally registered 1hz arb bumper 15k miles it is in mint condition it’s white. $50k obo
  8. Jarrad Coleman

    SOLD 1HD FT.

    How much it may be there I don’t see it
  9. Jarrad Coleman

    SOLD Ca 92 fj80 parting out. gold/beige with brown cloth.

    Any pics of the cloth interior?
  10. Jarrad Coleman

    Wanted Looking for a LHD HZJ76 dash wiring harness (and dash if avail)

    I have a complete dash for 1hz75 grey
  11. Jarrad Coleman

    SOLD 1HZ - Stockton, CA - $2,500

    Do you have any pics
  12. Jarrad Coleman

    For Sale 1HD-T

    Can you get a h151 trans with it?
  13. Jarrad Coleman

    SOLD LJ78 Left Hand Drive Conversion Bodies (2 of them)

    Can we get pics of the work?
  14. Jarrad Coleman

    Diesel Transplanted 80 series Registry

    I might be missing it what trans did you use and any info on the manual swap would be appreciated thanks
  15. Jarrad Coleman

    Wanted 1993 HZJ75 oem radiator part #

    All parts and really good advice go to Back 40 imports
  16. Jarrad Coleman

    Greg Mushro - Vintage Offroad

    They are not inversion shackles
  17. Jarrad Coleman

    Greg Mushro - Vintage Offroad

    Sorry for my post I’m use to talking in bullet points I have dyslexia. Greg wanted me to do the a/c because he said I Knew my way around the vehicle. I read the post about him during the transaction and it had me worried this 40 was my baby but everything went very well. Greg told me he had some...
  18. Jarrad Coleman

    Toyota 1HZ - turbo mod - Piston with oil crown gallery - installation

    Guys I’m seeing a lot of vague info out there but a lot of people act as if 1hdt con rods will work with the 1hz-t crank but I have heard they are not the same I’m wanting to take my block to the machine shop and I’m desperate for info
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