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  1. lorax

    Portland Metro Classifieds

    massey66fj, your Craigslist ad says it is $350: Fj40 land cruiser rear hatch - auto parts - by owner - vehicle...
  2. lorax

    Cascade Cruisers for sale / wanted thread

    Anybody need stock ring/pinion for a FJ80? I have had them forever and got them via a trade, so I don't know anything about them. They were reported to be in good shape and both from front axles, though I would not trust that. Cheers.
  3. lorax

    For Sale FJ40 Hubcaps - full set

  4. lorax

    For Sale FJ40 Hubcaps - full set

    Someone sent me a link where these are $17/ea, but it does not seem to have both the front and back, since one was discontinued on the page. So they may be $85 new + shipping. So, I will sell them for $70 + shipping.
  5. lorax

    Portland Metro Classifieds

    I posted some FJ40 hubcaps here: For Sale - FJ40 Hubcaps - full set They are in Portland. Cheers.
  6. lorax

    Cascade Cruisers for sale / wanted thread

    If anyone in the area is looking for FJ40 hubcaps, I posted some: For Sale - FJ40 Hubcaps - full set Cheers.
  7. lorax

    For Sale  FJ40 Hubcaps - full set

    I have a set of 5 FJ40 hubcaps. 2 front (with hole for locking hub) and 3 solid for the back and spare. Not sure what these go for. They are in good shape. $100 for the set + shipping from Portland, Or.
  8. lorax

    Cascade Cruisers March 2020 Club Run

    Man, can’t make this one, hoping there will be an April run too. cheers.
  9. lorax

    Tree Run 2019

    Tonight's storm means we will have some snow. Wonder if it will stay for another week. Looking forward to getting out there! Cheers.
  10. lorax

    40 Parts Needed

    On the overflow bottle, depending on your preference, a gatorade bottle and a bit of hose tends to be more cost effective than a Toyota part. Some don't like that though. If your rig did not have one originally, then you will not have the mounting bracket anyway. Cheers.
  11. lorax

    Christmas Tree Run

    Arg! now I have 3 conflicts for tomorrow! This last one is a BIG one. The Timbers won the Western Conference Championship, so they are going on the the MLS Cup in Atlanta in a week. The tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10am and there is no way I am getting service on Goat Mtn to purchase... Still...
  12. lorax

    Christmas Tree Run

    I am looking forward to this! The stars are beginning to align and I only have 2 conflicts for this event! That makes me at least 50% likely to attend.
  13. lorax

    Project Still for Sale '68 FJ40

    What will you do with the hard top? I am interested in one. Cheers.
  14. lorax

    Cruisin' The Woods 2018

    I hope to make it. It has not worked out all summer though. I am in town this time, so that is promising.
  15. lorax

    Cruisin' The Woods 2018

    I received the waiver forms from TLCA. I will not make CTW. Do I need to meet someone before then or do you have enough? Cheers.
  16. lorax

    Cascade Cruisers - Club Chat

    Congratulations Jerry and Sarah!
  17. lorax

    Welcome to the Cascade Cruisers Mud-Forum!

    Semi-good news. I have a copy of the forum from early-2015. I was testing to see how to upgrade the site and never got access to the main site to complete the update. Only problem for me is I have no time to work on it.
  18. lorax

    Our Travelogue...

    A little late, however I wanted to add the hand-off Mike West, Kyle and I did before the Allyn, WA handoff. There were actually 2 handoffs that day. Baton handoff in Chehalis, WA by lorax posted Feb 13, 2018 at 1:56 PM And then a cool pic of us through the trees in Allyn, WA pushing through...
  19. Baton handoff in Chehalis, WA

    Baton handoff in Chehalis, WA

  20. pushing through the trees

    pushing through the trees

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