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    LC200 Fridge not working

    The fridge in my 2009 LC200 is no longer working. If I turn it on I here a sound like a relay being activated and I feel some cold against the plastic towards the front like the coil is getting cooled but I feel no air blowing. I suspect it's probably the blower motor just not blowing any air...
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    AC enabled does what? (Over thinking the AC system)

    I don't really get the AC system. I'm sure I'm just over thinking it but given I like to fully understand how something works maybe someone can provide some enlightenment. On my 2009 unless it's below freezing (32F) pressing the auto button always automatically enables AC (Ie the AC button on...
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    Ash Trays?!

    I just put a deposit down on a 2009 LC with 85k miles on it that I should be picking up at the end of the week. I was surprised to see that a vehicle made in 2009 would be equipped with an actual ashtray in the front dash and on the second row doors. I was wonder if they can be converted in to...
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