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    94 tranny went capoot

    So the trans was full and nice clean red fluid. Cruising at 65 on the highway in cruise control when all of a sudden the rpms jump up high and I pull over. So I have no action in any gear, forward of reverse. Just revs. I am open to suggestions if anybody wants to throw some out.
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    the darn antenna wire in my 92

    So the antenna was damaged by the PO and the sleeve that that the outside fancy nut attaches to is broken off. the antenna is out sitting next to my air cleaner with only the antenna wire still attaching it to the truck. I had the dash apart to remove radio and attach a string to the antenna...
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    luggage light

    I am looking for part number for the smaller luggage light that mounts in the very rear of the rig, Right over the luggage area, it is a different light than the other overhead lights. What bulb does it use? My 94 had the wiring in place from the factory to hook up this light, Does the 92 have...
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    92 FJ80 reverse lights

    ok so I am working on a pretty much unmolested machine with everything in the reverse light system hooked up i have no reverse lights at new and verified continuity bulbs,and the red lighted square around the R in the dash is out like a burned out bulb. I believe my Natural start switch on my...
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    the das grab bar

    I've seen the ones offered for sale for the 95-97 But I am trying to find one for my 92 FJ80 I've searched threads but again offered for later model cruiser or a old out of date thread. Has anyone seen where the one for a 92 might be offered?
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    maybe an easy AC question

    Just asking about the compressor right now. Can I swap in a 93-97 LC compressor in the place of my 92 LC compressor. Is mounting and hookups the same?
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    Having trouble finding threads with search

    It has been years since I have been here. Lost my 94 in the divorce. But I have last night bought a 92 to start over again. The 92 is really clean inside and outside does not even have one little ding nor dent. There are a couple little rust spots but otherwise she is 99.99% rust free. Right now...
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    clock and radio died at same time ????

    I checked the fuses and they seem okay, Any chance someone can point me in the direction to figure out why thew both died ? Thank You Steven
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    This is no joke

    I had an earlyer thread where my truck would catch and then just die. I trackd everything I could before I figured let the mechanics check it. It turned out to be a VAF, there was a short in the VAF that was related to the fuel pump. First I borowed a used VAF and than ordered one when she...
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    starts and dies, starts and dies.

    1994 tlc symptoms: will start in normal time when key is turned. will rev right up to about 1400 rpm's just like when you start her when the engine is cold. as soon as it gets to 1400 (less than a second) the engine just dies. This happenes again and again. If I stomp the gas peddle the...
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    sr5 instrument swap question

    the truck I have is a 91 auto v6. on my standard guage the shift indicator lights are on the dash below the speedo. with the sr5 guage cluster with tach is there shift indicator lights built into the guage cluster, how about the ETC button . Maybe they are built into the cluster and I just...
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    acting up trailer lights

    When the headlight are off the turn signal and brake lights on the trailer harness work fine. As soon as I turn on the headlights I loose the turn signals at the trailer harness. All the lights on the truck operate just fine. Does anybody have any ideas?
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    shop manual/electric manual/stock radio for land cruiser

    I have the stock radio out of the 94 land cruiser. $50 plus shipping I also have the factory repair manual and electrical manual for a 1991 land cruiser. $70 for the pair plus shipping.
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    Landtanks seat brackets.

    I asked over in the venders area but wanted to ask here since there is so much more traffic on the 80's board then the vender board and the product is 80 related. So my question is Do the seat brackets increase your under seat clearance at all? I have no idea how these mount up but I am...
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    review your Roof-Top-Tent

    Well the other thread was moved so maybe some of you will give reviews? I found the other thread informative, I understand that with Mel introducing himself it has sort of become a Sale thread. With the interest the RTT thread generated, I suspect there are at least a few others that...
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    Basic Canadian M101 trailer info

    Well I have some first hand experience with the Canadian M101 I ordered mine about 4 or more months ago so I would have it in time for summer, our summer is short, its now starting to get dark and that means summer is coming to an end. No trip with the trailer, but spring is right around the...
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    Canadian M101's sold out.

    Cold war remarketing says it is sold out of Can m101's. I think that leaves Todd and Michele. I had one sent from Michele waiting in Anchorage for me. Oh hurry up and be monday. There were only 1700 or so made, get them while you can.
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    camping package for a jdm 80

    I hope I got that right in the title. I have just been reading about the JDM cruisers and the camping package as well as some of the other neat features some of these rigs come with. Can some of you tell me about some of these neat features. I know about the cooled center consel but I did not...
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    My tire question

    I have read tire posts all night:crybaby: Will 33x13.5x16 fit my stock rims? Will I have rubbing issues with such wide tires? It has been recomended that I buy wider tires than 285x75x16"s, I believe due to the muddy Alaska terrain :confused: I want to try and stay in the 33's for...
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    flexing the sliders

    I am posting here becouse I have an 80. is some flexing of the sliders (up/down) normal? How much movement is to be expected. I am following George's instructions if that helps answer anything. Thanks
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