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  1. cme4lyt

    Looking for M10 & M12 riv nuts for Toyota bolts

    I posted this over in the ‘tools and fab‘ section but didn’t get anything conclusive so since it’s vaguely 80’s tech, I thought I’d try here.... Maybe I’m just being a little ‘blonde‘ here as I search but I cannot for the life of me find rivnuts in M12 and M10 with the correct thread pitch...
  2. cme4lyt

    M12 and M10 rivnuts in our sizes...

    Maybe I’m just being a little ‘blonde‘ here as I search but I cannot for the life of me find rivnuts in M12 and M10 with the correct thread pitch. Just to confirm, the M10 bolts found on our Toyota’s are typically M10x1.25 and the M12’s are M12x1.50. The only rivnuts I can find are M10x1.50...
  3. cme4lyt

    SOLD  SF Bay Area, 1976 FJ40

    Up for grabs is this gorgeous FJ40 that was sold to me here on Mud last November. The 40 is the work of @simps80 who lovingly brought it back from the dead and restored it with countless man hours of labor and dedication and I would imagine quite a bit of hard earned $’s. The entire build from...
  4. cme4lyt

    Tahoe NF update

    My gf and I headed up to Tahoe this last weekend with our eyes set on Bear Lake/Ellis Peak which is above the East side of the Rubicon trail. We headed into the forest at the McKinney-Rubicon Springs staging area off 89 in Tahoma. FYI, the Barker Pass entrance on 89, which is another way you...
  5. cme4lyt

    Heater control valve, reversible ?

    OK, maybe a stupid question and I haven’t quite thought this through yet but is the heater control valve reversible meaning can it flow coolant in either direction ? I wanna reroute my heater hoses, after I deleted the rear heater, and in my situation, with the V8, the hoses wanna be reversed ...
  6. cme4lyt

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: ‘97 FZJ80 brake booster +- 149K miles

    I have for sale a very clean and workable brake booster recently removed off my ‘97 since I just completed a hydroboost conversion. $75, shipping included, to the lower 48. Thanks, Jonathan
  7. cme4lyt

    For Sale  SF Bay Area: Wilwood 260-4893 w/ MC adapter bracket Toyota to GM

    I have for sale a very lightly used Wilwood 260-4893 aluminum tandem master cylinder (w/o pushrod) and an adapter bracket that converts the Toyota master cylinder 4 bolt pattern to a GM two bolt side-by-side pattern. This allows you to use larger bore master cylinders from GM or other...
  8. cme4lyt

    Birf rebuild in process; check my work pls !

    I cannot believe I’m posting this since I’ve done a bunch of birf rebuilds but I’ve forgotten which way the knuckle steering arm on the PS fits on ? My steering arms are off for a tie rod end rebuild so I cannot use them for reference. I believe I have it right but pls see the photo attached and...
  9. cme4lyt

    SOLD  FZJ80 transmission cooler

    Looking for a trans cooler for a FZJ80 with all the associated mounting brackets both side to side and vertical. Shipped to 94595 pls. Thanks, Jonathan
  10. cme4lyt

    Wanted  FZJ80 motor, 95-97 OBD2

    I’m looking for a low mileage, documented if possible, FZJ80 motor. Must be the later OBD2 version and as complete as possible meaning all accessories if possible. Engine harness not necessary. I’m looking to totally rebuild and add a Wits End turbo it so I don’t care about the HG. Shipping to...
  11. cme4lyt

    Pismo Beach, 7/14 - 7/16

    Heading down to Pismo this Sunday with my daughter, 13, and her friend. The girls wanna ride ATV’s Monday and then we’ll return Tuesday pm after some wheeling in the dunes. The gals will be living the high life in my RTT while I slum in the back of the 80.... Curious to know if anyone else will...
  12. cme4lyt

    Pismo Beach, Sun 7/14 - 7/16

    Hi, Taking my daughter (13) and her friend to a Pismo this weekend. We will be riding ATV’s on Monday and doing a bit of camping in the truck/RTT. Wondering if any other LC’s will be around Sun, Mon and Tues am ? Thanks, Jonathan
  13. cme4lyt

    Heading to Lobdell Lake, NV - weekend after the 4th

    Heading out from SF Bay Area this Saturday (7/6/19) to Lobdell Lake and surrounding areas for 4 days/3 nites. Lobdell Lake is south of Walker, north of the Sonora Junction, and east of 395. It’s up at 9274 ft and considered a high mountain reservoir for the area. Peaks in the vicinity are South...
  14. cme4lyt

    SOLD  Wits End QPM (quarter panel mount) for FZJ80

    I have for sale a brand new, “in-the-box”, never been opened, Wits End QPM panel for the right back side interior of a FZJ80. I purchased from Joey, @ Wits End, a while back but I have since installed a sub speaker and aux amplifier in the space so the QPM is no longer needed. Will ship to...
  15. cme4lyt

    SOLD  Lifesaver Jerrycan 20000uf

    A couple of months ago I jumped on the group buy offered by Outer Limit Supply for the Lifesaver water filtration system. The thread is still posted over at ‘Camping and Outdoor Gear’. The product arrived and it seems like everything I was promised. Unbeknownst to me, my girlfriend had placed...
  16. cme4lyt

    Nor Cal trip advice

    A buddy and I, he's in a expedition 4runner and I'm in a expedition LC80, are looking for a 4 day wheeling trip/location next weekend (June 1/2/3) in the Nor Cal area. We're in the East bay and the two places that we keep coming back to are the Barney Riley Trail and Gold Lake and the...
  17. cme4lyt

    SOLD  JDM spec 1990 HDJ81, only +- 67K miles, CA reg, CA Bay Area

    FOR SALE is my beautiful JDM spec HDJ81. Approx. 66K miles, a gorgeous example of an unmolested time machine ! I have never seen a cleaner example of a low mileage HDJ81 and I doubt you will see anything in this category. This just might be the lowest mileage 80 series Land Cruiser in North...
  18. cme4lyt

    SOLD  FJ80 rear left side tail light assembly

    Looking for a good left rear tail light assembly for a FJ80. Mine is actually a 90 HDJ81 but I believe all the rear tail light assemblies are the same ? Nothing cracked or broken, in excellent condition please ! Jonathan, Nor Cal Bay Area Text/call 415-720-51 nine four
  19. cme4lyt

    The useless cubby insert, not so useless anymore ?

    I love it when inmates provide us stuff we don't even know we needed ? Case in point, our favorite OCD vendor down in So Cal saves the day once again since I've been struggling for a while now with where I mount my Switch-Pro's panel. Wits-End to the rescue.....
  20. cme4lyt

    Wanted  Left side JDM HDJ81 headlight assembly

    Looking for a working headlight assembly for my 1990 HDJ81, JDM spec. Thanks, Jonathan
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