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  1. TLEX

    Fall Crawl Afterglow

    I just wanted to start a thread dedicated to those who put in so much time and effort this past weekend. There were months of planning, libations, food. Thanks Stump for all your hard work, and keg beers. Thanks Amed for the raffle prizes, and quite frankly the vendors that supplied them should...
  2. TLEX

    Stump is older than.............

    :poop: Dont forget to get that prostate checked. Love Lex
  3. TLEX

    Living Vicariously

    My buddy is on a 6 week trip out west and here is on of his neighbors. He knows about my problem
  4. TLEX

    Gas Tank-Feel Free to move to the For Sale Thread Won a $500 dollar off coupon for this vendor. I do not have a need for it. Will trade for parts, beer, karma points ETC. Let me know if anyone needs, and I can transfer the prize. Good until July 2020 They have a Tacoma option, Tundra option, and most...
  5. TLEX

    YAYYYY!!!!!!! Snow

    Got to play today!!!!
  6. TLEX

    YAYYYY!!!!!!! Snow

    Got to play today!!!!
  7. TLEX

    Last Day At The Office

    Just killing some time at the office on my last day. I have enjoyed all of the shenanigans that have come from you scum bags. I might not be making the meetings much anymore, but I still hope you guys can save me a tent spot at the events. See you guys on the trail. LEX
  8. TLEX

    Time to redo the kitchen.......

    Ryan you may have messed up your remodel. I hope you all havent seen this, dont ask what I was doing up at 3 am......probobly not what you all would expect out of me. I need this
  9. TLEX

    craigslist  FJ-43 Not Mine

    1981 Toyota FJ 43 Good luck, sorry if its a repost
  10. TLEX

    For Sale  68 Steering, VA

    100 bucks Trade me something...... cleaning out the garage.
  11. TLEX

    For Sale  FZ-FE Engine Parts

    Have a head, and an oil pan, some harness pieces, and some other odds and ends. There will be a few more pieces as I get to the bottom of the pile. Let me know if you need any of the smaller stuff that would come off with the head. Would like 200 for the head, and 50 for the oil pan. PM me...
  12. TLEX

    For Sale  F intake and exaust VA

    Came out of a 68 Pm me for pictures, would like 100 bucks for it. Lex
  13. TLEX

    For Sale  6X Series Radiator

    Have radiator and shroud, and AC condenser. Looking for 200 for the deal. PM with a phone number and I will send pics. Lex
  14. TLEX

    For Sale  Lots of 60 series parts, Virginia

    I am working to get the garage cleaned out so I can do some work in it. I have a set of 60 axles complete, not real pretty but...... I also have 62 radiator, trans cooler shroud assembly, 62 dash, and sub dash, some switches, but have been picked over pretty hard. Have heat and ac components...
  15. TLEX

    For Sale  FJ 55 Camper- not mine

    ^^^Rare ^ Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser Camper Truck ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^OBO Lex
  16. TLEX

    Parting Out  89 FJ62 - Now in Fredericksburg, VA

    Parting Out - 89 FJ62 - Roanoke, VA I am just starting to get into this. Most of the big stuff is gone lots and lots of little things. Let me know what you need, has chrome, beautiful head liner, glass, rubber is in GREAT shape, roof is in GREAT shape. I do have little ones running around...
  17. TLEX

    Wanted  FJ-60 Mirror

    I know some one has some of these in a pile somewhere. I need the black plastic piece, my glass is still intact. Hopefully will find some one local to trade a sixer for....... would like to do this as inexpensively as possible. Thanks Lex
  18. TLEX

    For Sale  F motor

    I have an F motor out of a 68 or 69. It's partially torn down and has been kept in a garage for the last few years. I will not be using this. Open for trades, make me an offer and/or help me load it. Located in Roanoke VA. Lex
  19. TLEX

    For Sale  (VA) FJ-40 Axles

    I have a set of 40 axles (F&R) complete hub to hub, drums are off, with warn hubs. Thought to have come out of a 68? Located in Fredericksburg, VA. Can send pics if interested. I do not believe these to be ball and claw, but I have not torn them apart. $300 or will trade for parts too. Lex
  20. TLEX

    T case fluid leak???

    I had my split case rebuilt about 6 months ago. It leaks about a half a bottle of oil every couple of months, front and rear of the case out puts. Transmission shop says it beacuse of the gl5 oil is working its way out around the seals....... and that the oil is not designed for the older...
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