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  1. 94SRUNNER

    Alternator Replacement - A Saga

    I have had some poor luck with alternators. By my count I am on my fifth alternator. A bit of history... First off, my LX is basically stock. Nothing that I can figure would cause an alternator to fail prematurely. No leaking coolant or oil from the engine that would cause failure. The area...
  2. 94SRUNNER

    Dayton Area Meet Up

    I know there are several TLC owners in the Dayton area, would anyone be interested in a get together at some point? Figured I'd start a post to gauge interest.
  3. 94SRUNNER

    For Sale  Dayton, OH - 4 - 275/60R18 Michelin Defender LTX M/S

    Set of 4 - 275/60R18 Michelin Defender LTX M/S tires. $225 2016 manufacture date. One tire has a patch. They all held air prior to being removed from the wheels. I'll have tread depth measurements on 5/12/2020 5/14/2020 Tread depth on new Defender LTX M/S tires is 10.5/32" or 0.328125" Tire 1 -...
  4. 94SRUNNER

    For Sale  Dayton, OH - 100 Series Aisin Fan Clutch

    New Aisin FCT-075 fan clutch for 100 Series - $75 shipped
  5. 94SRUNNER

    Digital & Analog Tire Pressure Gauge Recommendations

    All... I'm looking for recommendations for both digital and analog tire pressure gauges. I searched but didn't find much current information. Thanks
  6. 94SRUNNER

    Fuel Gauge Fluctuation

    I've been noticing my fuel gauge acting strangely. Here is what I am observing. When I start out in the morning and I am sitting at a quarter of a tank. Drop the kids at school, grab coffee, and head to work. When I get back in my truck the fuel gauge is reading 1-2 needles higher than it was...
  7. 94SRUNNER

    For Sale  Dayton, OH, 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 40th Anniversry Edition

    SOLD Its time for me to part with my wonderful 80 Series with 312,000 miles. Since purchasing a 06’ 100 and a Seinna, I haven't had any time to use this truck, plus with a busy family I don't see having time in the future. It is currently parked in the garage, where it has been since August of...
  8. 94SRUNNER

    Garage Door Opener - LED Interference

    Recently we ran into an issue with installing the incorrect lights in our garage door opener. I had installed high lumin LED's for some additional lighting in the garage. Unfortunately, a side effect (unknown to me at the time) is LED interference with the opener signal. Having the bulbs...
  9. 94SRUNNER

    Wanted  2UZ-FE Intake Tube

    As the title states, I am looking for an intake tube for a 2UZ-FE. Pictured below for reference. Shoot me a PM if you have one for sale. Thanks!
  10. 94SRUNNER

    A750F Transmission & ScanGauge II - What are your temperature readings?

    In the constant quest for data, I realize that there is not a catch all thread for 100's with A750F's as there is for 100"s with the A343F (A343F Trans & ScanGauge II what are your temp readings?). Thanks for getting the ball rolling with the A343F @flintknapper! I installed a ScanGauge II on...
  11. 94SRUNNER

    OEM vs. Aftermarket Thermostat - Coolant System Maintenance

    Folks, Has anyone had any experience comparing OEM thermostats verses Aftermarket thermostats? Our 100 currently is running a NAPA thermostat and am getting ScanGauge coolant temps of between 198 and 202* in our current midwest heat wave. Occasionally it will hit 204-206* pulling long hills...
  12. 94SRUNNER

    Wanted  100 Series rear brake backing plate

    Needed - 100 Series rear brake backing plate (pictured) for passenger and drivers side.
  13. 94SRUNNER

    Wanted  100-Series Front Skid Plate

    I am in need of a good to fair condition stock front skid plate for a 100 Series. PM if you have one available. Thanks
  14. 94SRUNNER

    100 Series-Tech Stream

    All... Anyone in close proximity to the Dayton area that has tech stream for their 100 Series? I would like to learn how to use it and would like to assess my AHC suspension system. Thanks
  15. 94SRUNNER

    Condition of the rear sway bar

    Just wanted to get some thoughts on my rear sway bar where the bushings (or cushions as they seem to be called) attach to the rear axle. It appears that the diameter in the area of the bushing has been reduced slightly due to the combination of rust and wear. But I suppose it is possible that...
  16. 94SRUNNER

    Wanted  80 Series horn harness

    As the title states, I am in need of a horn harness for my 80 Series.
  17. 94SRUNNER

    Engine Rattle

    On Saturday I changed the oil (Rotella 15W40 used the last 77000 miles) and filter (Napa Gold 1515) and went on about my day. When I returned home I pulled into the garage to check a few things out and left the engine running. When I rolled down my window I heard the rattle. Very faint, but...
  18. 94SRUNNER

    Dayton Off Road Expo

    Just curious if anyone went and what your thoughts were. I dropped by for about an hour and that was more than enough time to see it all. It is more or less a Jeep show, which I knew going into it. But for $5 it was worth seeing what it was about. Zero Toyota's present
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    What Did You Do To Your Cruiser Lately?

    Several other of the model specific forums and clubhouses do this, I thought it'd be fun to see what everyone in our local club was doing with their Cruisers. What did you do to your Cruiser lately: maintenance, repairs, modification, wheeled it, nothing??? Post up pictures of your Cruiser as...
  20. 94SRUNNER

    Oil Filter Question - Napa Gold 1515

    Not sure how many folks are using the Napa Gold 1515 oil filter but I have question for those that do. Does any have a difficult time getting these filters to break loose? For the last four oil changes, since running out of my stock of the venerable 90915-20004 filter, I have used the Napa...
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