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  1. paulj

    Leak at intake manifold

    My 1976 stock FJ 40 runs pretty crappily. The engine surges, and runs better when the choke is out after it's warmed up. It has a leak around the intake manifold at the gasket. I should say gaskets, as the PO sandwiched 2 of them under there. Being a newbie when I bought it, I didn't know...
  2. paulj

    warning lights, won't start

    I've been driving my son's FJ Cruiser for a few months while he is working out of town, so I'm not very familiar with these vehicles. I have an FJ 40 and an FJ 60. Today I was driving it, and the radio started acting squirrely. Then I noticed nearly all of the warning lights came on. The one...
  3. paulj

    Lost Door Key

    I lost the keys to my FJ 60. I know I can get a locksmith or AAA to pop the door open. And I know that you can take off one of the front door lock cylinders to a Toyota dealer and have them cut a new key. Question: Which door cylinder do you take to the dealer, the passenger side, or the...
  4. paulj

    Won't start. Charcoal cannister?

    My '76 FJ 40 has been running rough and smelling like gasoline for some time. Finally the smell got real bad and I found a fuel leak in the line that runs to the charcoal canister. I replaced all the lines with new ones, but now the truck won't start. It acts like a car after it's run out of...
  5. paulj

    Got stranded by my 40 last night

    Last night I took my '76 FJ 40 on a quick fishing trip after work. I got to the place out in the country and the truck stalled out on me right in the middle of the road. I thought I let the clutch out too fast as I was going from a dead stop to off-road. I had just put it in 4 wheel drive...
  6. paulj

    Cummins engine on Ebay

    FWIW; There is a first generation Cummins 12 valve diesel engine for sale on Ebay. Go to this link: I was contemplating doing a diesel conversion and...
  7. paulj

    Diesel auto to diesel manual

    I like many others are contemplating a diesel conversion. I've looked around for salvage Cummins engines and ususally see engines listed as being mated to an automatic transmission. Questions: How would you go about mating it to a manual tranny such as an NV4500? Would I be better off...
  8. paulj

    What's it cost to do a spring-over?

    I'm thinking about doing a spring-over on my 1982. The stock springs are pretty shot. They're just flat. So what would the cost be to re-arch my springs and do a spring-over? I should say have done by a Cruiser shop, as I don't have the knowledge, space, or time to do it myself.
  9. paulj

    Can someone ID this part?

    This part fell on the drivers side floor underneath the dash on my 1982 FJ 60. Can someone tell me what it's for, and where it goes? It's not the return spring for the clutch pedal.
  10. paulj

    Need help with installing new parabolic springs

    I finally broke down and bought a set of TIC parabolic springs from Great Basin Rovers in Salt Lake City. The set I bought are made specifically for FJ 40s. I had them sent to a mechanic that works on my 1976. He's works only on Cruisers, and has installed many sets of springs, but never...
  11. paulj

    Need help changing out clutch slave cylinder

    My clutch slave cylinder went out a couple of weeks ago. Amazingly it died on the street on the way home about 50 feet from my driveway. I've got all the parts lined up. Got both a new slave and and a new master cylinder. The only problem is that I can't get the rubber hose off (part #...
  12. paulj

    House hot water heater question

    Are there any HVAC guys on this forum? I'm considering buying a tankless hot water heater to replace an old rusting out unit. Does anybody know anything about them? Good or bad?
  13. paulj

    New Gas Tank

    I picked up my 1982 FJ 60 from Toyota of Dallas who put in a new gas tank. My cost? $0. It's still under the recall! Thanks to Gulf States Toyota, Toyota of Dallas, and employees Doug Ritter and Chris King. Really great to save $650, and amazing that they'd stand behind a 23 year old vehicle.
  14. paulj

    What's this hose for?

    Last night, as I was trying to get my air cleaner cover off I pulled this hose off. Actually, I pulled the small piece of metal tubing that it's attached to off. What's the hose for, and how do I reattach the piece of metal tubing? It's not threaded, and looks like it was tack welded on...
  15. paulj

    Dumb electrical question

    I think I know the answer to this, just not the quickest way to fix it. The left tail light of my 40 doesn't work. I put in a new bulb, and the turn signal, flasher, and brake light all work, just not the running light on the left side. So what does that mean? A break in the wire or a loose...
  16. paulj

    New Seats

    I finally got my new (salvage) seats installed in my 60. They're power, leather with adjustable lumbar, and they came from a '98 Camry. It took a bit of head scratching and trial and error to fab some brackets, but I finally got 'em in. Man, the difference in comfort is unbelievable! No...
  17. paulj

    strrange wiper noise

    I bought an '82 FJ 60 last December. I really love it and it runs great but for one thing. The wipers make a real weird noise when set on intermittant. It's kind of a medium pitched squeal (EEEEH..EEEH........EEH) that comes out near (or from) the the air vent on the far left side of the...
  18. paulj

    What causes burnt-out points?

    I finally got around to replacing the electronic ignition in my '76 FJ 40 with an OEM distributor. Why would I do that? Because the PO put a Corolla electronic ignition in. It had intermittant problems, but nothing too serious. I had the guy that does some of work on my rig put in an OEM...
  19. paulj

    Steering wheel shimmy; How to diagnose

    I just got back from the Lone Star Roundup in Katemcy. Had a great time down there. My truck ran great on the 250 mile trip down. On the way back it started vibrating if I went much faster than 55 mph or so. I guess I bent something on Aggie Highway, the easy trail at Katemcy Rocks. So how...
  20. paulj

    strong gasoline smell

    I got in my 40 this morning and noticed a real strong smell of gasoline, even before I started the engine. After starting it and looking the truck over I noticed a wet spot around the drain plug under the gas tank on the underside of the truck. (I'm assuming it's a drain plug) There was also...
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