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    For Sale  1997 Triple Locked.... Need Your Advice

    Hi All I am in the market and purchasing my first '80 series. I came across a 1997 Triple Locked Cruiser, but it needs some attention. The driver side rocker panel has rust on it, the rear fender was hit years ago and never properly replaced, and there is some rust under the rear window. Full...
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    Wanted  Thoughts On This One

    There is a used 80 series LC that I have found and wanted to post some pictures to get feedback from the group on condition, price, and ideas on what it may run to fix certain known issues. Is the classifieds section an appropriate place to post this or is there a better forum?
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    Details On This Build

    Hi All Looking to pick up my first 80 series and have been soaking up as much as I can from this forum. First of all, thanks for everyone's insights. Great to be a part of this community. In my research, I came across this build after doing a google search. Really like how it looks and would...
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    Wanted  Nationwide: Want To Buy Mustard FJ40/BJ40/BJ42/FJ43

    I have dreamed of owning a mustard-colored Land Cruiser since seeing my first one at the age of 14. I am finally in a financial position to be able to afford one and want to start my search. Preference for late-model ('80 or newer) FJ40/BJ40/BJ42/FJ43 in mustard yellow. May also consider older...
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    Wanted  Any Location: FJZ80..... Clean, Lower Mileage, Detailed Records Preferred

    Looking to pick up my first LandCruiser. Preference for '96 or '97 80 Series, but open to also considering any left-hand drive diesel that may be available. Preference for clean, rust-free, lower mileage vehicles with detailed maintenance records, but let me know what you have. Diff locks not...
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    For Sale  Advice Needed: Thoughts on 1997 FJZ80 I found

    Hey Guys, Looking to purchase my first 80 Series. Found a used one, but hoping to get some advice before pulling trigger. The specs are as follows: 1997 FJZ80 ~220k miles Gray (was recently just painted) No lockers Doesn't appear that it has had any major modifications Front seats are worn...
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    Diesel? 80 Series vs 70 Series

    Am new to the forum and looking to get into my first LC. Have heard great things about the 80, but am intrigued by the fuel economy of the 70 series. Would love any insights on what key considerations should be in deciding between an 80 series vs 70 series diesel? Also, how available are 80...
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    80 Series Vs 100 Series

    I am new to this forum and looking to get into my first LC. Am reading that 80 series are awesome, but wondering how they compare to the 100 series are what would be pros and cons to 80 vs 100 series? Primarily will use on weekends but may also use as daily driver, although only 10 miles to...
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    Wanted  Utah: Looking for 80 Series

    Looking to get into my first LC. Looking for something clean with detailed maintenance records. Based in Utah, but willing to travel for the right rig. Diff locks not required, but nice to have if everything else checks out. Let me know what you have.
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    Question on Locking Diff

    Hi All, I am a newbie to this forum and to LCs. Have been researching 80s. Had a question with regards to the factor locking diff that came on the 93 to 97. From what I have been able to see, is the option just to have the rear locked or have both the front and rear locked? Or is there also an...
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