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  1. chipsterguy

    Wanted  LC 200 Factory Roof/Luggage Rack

    Looking to buy the luggage rack for a 2008-2016 LC200. Desire Toyota original parts, prefer Black. I plan to swap the luggage rack from my 2015 LX570. PM me if you have one to sell. Edit: still looking...
  2. chipsterguy

    For Sale  200 Series Multi-Media Computer, PN 861A0-77010

    This computer controls the Multi-Media in early model year 200 series. I purchased it for my 2010 LX570 but never needed to install it. So I know it will work for this application. I think it will work for all LC and LX 200 Series 2008-2011. But please check with your application that this is...
  3. chipsterguy

    Window controls trouble shooting advice

    I am baselining my new to me 2015 LX570. One of the items not working properly is the passenger rear window controls. The window operates just fine from the controls at the door. However, it does not operate from the driver seat control. Other windows seem to operate fine from the driver...
  4. chipsterguy

    On to the next one - 2015 LX570

    I've posted in the past, but not past year. Life has been busy with active kids and a new job. I have been living the good life with my 2010 LX570 for the last 3 years... Then the bug bit again. I purchased my 2010 LX570 with 110k on the odometer in 2015. It appeared to have a clean carfax...
  5. chipsterguy

    LX570 - replacing MMI ECU, need help!

    I've been having problems with the entertainment system on my 2010 LX570 since purchasing it used a couple of years ago. See my prior posts for more details about this issue, but basically, during the fall and spring as the temp transitions through about 40-50 degrees in the morning, my audio...
  6. chipsterguy

    LX570 Navi / Radio / Controls Dead?

    Went to start my 2010 LX570 this morning, and no screen at all. Black. No back-up camera, no map, no radio, no HVAC controls. Otherwise car starts fine, etc. Could this be a fuse? Any advice on which ones I should check? Have any other 200 owners experienced this? Looking for some advise...
  7. chipsterguy

    LX570 Audio/Electrical Gremlins

    OK. LCHardriver_02 has apparently predicted my future. He has been experiencing electrical problems with his 2010 LX570 which include center diff, AC controls, and Audio source scrolling though inputs at random. I too have recently been experiencing...
  8. chipsterguy

    Grease zerks on LC/LX 200 series

    relatively new to the 200 series. Looking to do some of the routine maintenance myself - such as oil and routine lubrication. I seek knowledge from other DIY'ers: * how many grease zerks to maintain? * where are they located? * how often do they require a squirt? * what type of grease do you use?
  9. chipsterguy

    Headlight lenses

    wondering if anyone has reconditioned or replaced cloudy/scratched headlight lenses. I've got an lx570 , the lights might be diff than the lc200, but wondering what experience or advice others might have. Thx
  10. chipsterguy

    LX service question

    LX owners, where do you have your vehicle serviced. I've owned an gx470 in the past and had Toyota do all my routine maintenance (oil, brakes, diff fluids, etc.). Any suspension electronics I think I'll go with LEXUS. What has your experience been?
  11. chipsterguy

    Struts & AHC on LX570

    I purchased a 2010 LX570 with 111k miles. It needs a strut to be replaced. Does anyone know if the AHC actuator is incorporated into the strut on this vehicle? Or is it a separate component? I assume that the active damping is also part of the strut. Can anyone confirm? Lastly, for those...
  12. chipsterguy

    Blendmount/Mirrortap install on 200 Series for Valentine V1?

    I have a valentine V1 that I would like to attach to my vehicle with a blendmount to the rear view mirror, and tap into the electronics at the mirror to power the detector with a mirrortap power cord. MirrorTap Radar Detector Power Cords - Lexus Blendmount Lexus rear view mirror mount I ran...
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