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  1. TurboDennis

    Seat Coolers

    I've installed them into my truck. Cant recall exactly how long it took, as i was working on it a few hours a day for a few days. Probably took me ~20 hours total, but im sure it can be done a lot faster if you do this sort of thing all the time. I really took my time measuring and checking...
  2. TurboDennis

    80 Series 8020 Cruiser Kitchen

    That's awesome! Im currently planning a similar system, but i want to go even more crazy with the materials - frame from 7075 angle and all the panels from carbon fiber, riveted together. This will hopefully allow me to use lighter duty slides as well. My goal is to keep the weight to absolute...
  3. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    steering wheel is sold
  4. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    Its pretty rusty on the outside. Would need to repaint it. $30 + shipping. But shipping will be pricey due to size, probably $25-30 Its in rough shape, and will probably crumble when i try to remove it.
  5. TurboDennis

    Semi-Urgent: Wipers Won't Stop

    There is no relay for the wipers. Everything is controlled by the switch on the steering wheel. There is a power wire going directly to the motor from the fuse. Switch controls the speed of the motor. So the only things that could be causing your issue are: -switch stuck internally in "on"...
  6. TurboDennis

    95 fjZ80 land cruiser ? where is the e locker relay

    It's behind the RIGHT kick panel, not left..
  7. TurboDennis

    On board air for FZJ80?

    Im toying with the idea of installing OBA into an 80 with 1HD. This is much more problematic than FZJ80, because the alternator, the A/C compressor and the second battery box are located on the passenger side of the engine and there is a lot less room there as a result. After doing some...
  8. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    Both 3rds are sold
  9. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    Sorry, i missed your earlier post somehow. I dont have that piece right now. I will take seatbelt adjuster in tan for passenger side Seatbelt adjusters are sold, sorry.
  10. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    I usually sell them for $50 + shipping each, but if you buy all 4 i can do $190 shipped
  11. TurboDennis

    front turn signal lights
  12. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    Sorry, dont have all of those available. Antenna is sold, and the plastic badge above the licence plate is nearly impossible to remove without breaking it. $300 shipped
  13. TurboDennis

    For Sale JDM console fridges and ceiling compass consoles for 80 series. Price drop

    Hi, I sent you a PM a couple of days ago but it has not been read. Maybe you have the PM's turned off?
  14. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    Nope, they were rusted out.
  15. TurboDennis

    Parting Out 1997 LX450

    Sorry, shipping a hood is not feasible. It would probably cost $300-$400 to ship and would take a day to package it properly. It doesnt make any sense to go through that for an $80 hood. I have a grey steering wheel, but the condition is poor. Sorry, couldnt find one. Do you want the cat on...
  16. TurboDennis

    SOLD LX450 Driver Side mirror

    $70 shipped
  17. TurboDennis

    For Sale 1VD Bell housing assembly for manual transmission

    .....and another. With a big price drop this time. The throwout bearing and slave cyl alone cost more than what im asking for the whole assembly.
  18. TurboDennis

    For Sale JDM console fridges and ceiling compass consoles for 80 series. Price drop

    Bump. Price drop for the fridges
  19. TurboDennis

    Fair asking price - 1995 HDJ80 LHD

    Not sure if this is the right section for this, so mods can move it if its not. Wanted to know what a fair asking price range would be. -210k Km (130k miles) -1HD-FT engine, factory EGR-less, auto tranny -triple locked -fully armored (front, sliders, dual swingout rear, skid plates), warn 12k...
  20. TurboDennis

    How to lock rear axle if actuator is dead

    There is a little access plate that the lock position sensor goes into on the front of the axle housing. Remove that plate, and undo the small bolt inside that tightens the actuator rod to the locking collar. then just move the locking collar towards the diff to lock it (while turning one of the...
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