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  1. StucknKS

    97 LX450 Part Out

    Thought I would start a separate thread versus posting in the Garage Sale thread so I don't junk that one up. I am going to try and keep this local to start with. I am parting out the black 97 LX450 that I have. It has approximately 390,XXX miles on it. From what I can tell by posts from the...
  2. StucknKS

    Wanted  95-97 Fender Flares

    Looking for a set of flares for a 95-97 80 series. Color doesn't matter. Let me know if anyone has some. Mike
  3. StucknKS

    2016 What have you done to your 4X4 lately?

    New year, new thread. After wheeling at KS Rocks I noticed on the way home the smell of burning oil. Stopped to get gas and popped the hood. Had oil running out the top of the valve cover down the sides and on to the block. 2fpower was with me and thought it could be the spark plug tube...
  4. StucknKS

    2015 Club Merchandise

    I have finally gotten some stuff together for some shirts and hats. I will take orders up to May 31 and then submit it to the t-shirt shop. In an attempt to make this easier for me to keep track, please email me your order. In the subject line, put TAC Merchandise...
  5. StucknKS

    2014 Club Merchandise

    I need to get a list started of what people are wanting in the way of club merchandise. I am thinking: Long and short sleeve t-shirts Hats Stickers I know there were some of the front window decals left. Does anyone have any artwork? TAC emblem? Any examples of what the previous...
  6. StucknKS

    FJ Cruiser OEM Roof Rack

    Listing this for a friend. FOR SALE-OEM Roof Rack off of 2012 FJ Cruiser in very nice condition with mounting hardware, $225.00. Call or text Tony @ 8one6-9three5-819four, Blue Springs, MO area. Prefer local pick up.
  7. StucknKS

    Wanted  DS mirror

    Needing a DS mirror. Broke mine backing into a tree. PM me if you have one. Thanks
  8. StucknKS

    Trails in Roosevelt area?

    Hey guys. I am heading out to your neck of the woods next week. I am staying in Paradise Park which is off of Stove Prairie Road just south of Rist Canyon Road. I am going to be there for a week before I head out to the Buena Vista area. I know that there are 4x4 trails in the area but I am...
  9. StucknKS

    Ultra Gauge Mounting Alternative

    I wanted to mount my Ultra Gauge somewhere else than in the windshield. I looked at the bracket and decided to try something different than what I have seen here. I used a punch to seperate the head from the long suction cup bracket. I then removed the storage thing above the radio and notched...
  10. StucknKS

    Quadratec Winch. Anyone looked at these?

    I saw these in a recent 4x4 magazine. The specs look good and the price is reasonable. $300 for a 9000lb and $400 for a 11000lb. I have bought a few Quadratec products in the past for previous Jeeps and have never had issues with them. Just wondering if anyone else has looked at these or own...
  11. StucknKS

    Sevice Records Online. I feel like I just won the lottery! Kind of....

    So, when I recently bought my 97 FZJ 80, the PO said that his dad owned the vehicle before him and that his dad had always taken good care of it but he did not have any of the service records on it. He assured me that all repairs and maintainence were done at a Toyota Dealership. While...
  12. StucknKS

    Kansas City 97 FZJ 80

    I wanted to say hello and thank all of you that post on here for all the great info. I started looking at FZJ 80's about 6 months ago. I have had several Jeeps over the years and always liked them but was wanting something with more room for my family of 4. A friend turned me on to this sight...
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