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  1. GXONE

    2004 GX470 Aux Fuel Tank and Brake Upgrade Options

    Sure would love to hear someone update the status on this thread... GX470 has horrible range before .25 tank reading even tho we all know there are probably 8-9 gallons in reserve at that reading. Would love to find an aux tank solution!
  2. GXONE

    What Did You Do With Your 120 Today?

    Um, wow. That's hypermiling if I've ever seen it...40mph at less than 1k rpm. How's the rig and mileage these days??
  3. GXONE

    Black rectangular cup holder

    Ordered just a minute ago and it seemed to go thru! Have me a confirmation via PayPal. Just FYI!
  4. GXONE

    TLC Owner Looking for GX 470 for Wife - What Do You All Think of This One?

    Would highly recommend a PPI (pre purchase inspection) by a reputable shop or mobile rep, especially on a high mileage vehicle of any kind. At $125-200 they pay for themselves on vehicles you are serious about purchasing. Use the data they collect for negotiation or to move on to the next...
  5. GXONE

    Need armrest input. Just picked up a GX

    I actually created a new post on this. Didn't know i could. Lol
  6. GXONE

    GX470 Two Weeks In; a couple observations and ideas

    2006 GX470 103k mi all serviced at Westside Lexus in Houston including 90k service Feels solid. Glides over road imperfections and feels like a keeper. Love it! Seeking solutions, input, ideas: (1) the seat cushion is way too short for extended driving. I actually notice it almost...
  7. GXONE

    Need armrest input. Just picked up a GX

    The seat bottoms are also very short... I wonder if anyone has done any swaps with other ToyotaLexus models such as Land Cruiser or LX. I wish these seats had thigh extensions like BMW! Anyone know any fixes on that or should I start a new thread? I'm new to this forum and not sure if I am...
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