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  1. brisveganbj42

    Front Row Seatbelt options

    Does anyone have any photos of bucket seats or benchseats and people with the seat belts pivoting off the roof channel (i.e. NOT on the D pillar like later models).. I may have to do this with my build and just wanted to see photos for comparison. Thanks!
  2. brisveganbj42

    Front Mount intercooler on a pig

    Hey y'all.. as part of my 15B-FT into a Pig I had planned on putting a 600x300x76 Front mount intercooler in. The radiator I'll be using is from my BJ73 donor so the shroud also matches the fan placement on the 15B-F. I had planned on grafting the radiator support from the BJ73 onto the front...
  3. brisveganbj42

    LSPV interchangability between 7x and 8x

    Hi guys, I've got a suspect LSPV that is leaking into the boot in my 94 FZJ80 and I have a spare LSPV from a BJ73 that I've wrecked previously. Part numbers are different when looking for replacements.. eg: 47910-60141 Valve Brake Proportioning Suitable for Landcruiser 78 79 80 105 & Surf...
  4. brisveganbj42

    Aussie FZJ80 to BJ80 to BJ55 long term project

    Hey guys, First time posting in the 80 forum.... Been contributing to the FJ40, FJ55 and diesel section a bit but first time in here.. I have swine flu pretty bad and have been working through considerable body work on my FJ55 I'd been planning on repowering with a 15B-FT and H55F. After...
  5. brisveganbj42

    Auto FZJ80 to Manaul BJ80

    Hi guys, I've recently acquired a 1994 Auto FZJ80 and have a 15B-F I'll be intercooling and turboing along with a H55F to go into it. I suspect this would be similar to a 1hdt swap with the 15B-F being completely manual only requiring a fuel cut off solenoid wired in. I'm still in the...
  6. brisveganbj42

    Rear frame chop

    In the interests of a better depature angle has anyone trimmed 3-4" off the rear frame up to the rear.body mount? Id like to build a rear bar but tuck it into the body as close as possible. Thanks!
  7. brisveganbj42

    Turbo recommendations for a 15B-F

    Hi all, I'm hoping the ih8mud brains trust could provide a bit of direction in regards to turbo recommendations for a 4.1L direct injected 15B-F. I would like to find something that spools early as it cruises at about 2000rpm, and up to 2600rpm at 110kph. The rig will be used as a daily...
  8. brisveganbj42

    Major body work advice..

    Hi guys, Ive got some major body work to do in the pig and i'm struggling to think of how to logically approach the work. Now heres the kicker.. ill be replacing these parts: Firewall Add a pillers and cowl for the firewall and 75series dash Floorpan up to the back seat Both sills The aim of...
  9. brisveganbj42

    Penny for your thoughts: Selling a AU BJ42 in the US/CA?

    Hi all, Just wanted to get an idea on a thought someone put in my head today... I've got a built 1984 BJ42 that I've had for sale since February but had no buyers on the local market. He suggested getting frieght costs from AU to US and advertising my 40 over there. Quick specs are: 1984...
  10. brisveganbj42

    Help finding a rocker replacement how to thread

    Hi guys, I can remember reading a detailed thread on rocker replacement using bobm's rockers which had lots of detail and photos but after multiple searches with different search terms I still can't find it.... if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. Cheers...
  11. brisveganbj42

    Complete Dash removal

    Just wondering if anyone has done this before and if any hints can be provided.. I'm attempting to remove the entire dash so I can fit a 7x but from what I can tell the 55 dash is spot welded in place. I am planning on using 7x brake/clutch/steering wheel/wiring harness/fuseboxes all everything...
  12. brisveganbj42

    Builds  79 Aussie BJ55 build

    Hey guys.. I might be jumping the gun a bit here but I've got my eye on a tidy 79 FJ55 that I'm hoping to inspect and subsequently take home this coming weekend. It's been a few weekends since I got the green light from the minister of finance so my brain has been in overdrive and my eyes are...
  13. brisveganbj42

    Standard options on a 79 Aussie FJ55?

    Hey guys, I've always been a long time bacon fanatic and finally I'm going to be looking at a 79' FJ55 on the coming weekend and was curious to know what is 'default spec' for a 79. I have been reading so far have noted: - should have front disks (Is it possible to see if its disk front via...
  14. brisveganbj42

    help diagnose weird excessive smoking.

    hi guys, some might recall that i recently replaced a 3b-t with a 15b-f. since then its been running pretty good with the only issues being a leaky top seal on the inj pump. ive also fiddled with the fuel screw but pretty much put it back to where it was originally.i say pretty much because even...
  15. brisveganbj42

    help with 15b fuel cutoff wiring

    Hi guys, Wondering if anyone can assist with the wiring up of my fuel cutoff solinoid on my 15b-f. I only have one plug on my injector pump as seen here hires ver: It's a 3 pin female plug and my engine didnt come with a male...
  16. brisveganbj42

    adjusting valve clearances cold

    Is this possible at all? I've attempted to remove injectors from my 15b-f and have been advised (again as per the FSM) to adjust valve clearances. I havent started the engine yet so wonder if I can verify the current clearances and adjust if necessary? If so where can I find cold clearances as...
  17. brisveganbj42

    15B-F FSM manual availability

    Before I get started on this journey with a 15B-F, just wondering if anyone knows of a manual available to download or purchase? I note that a few people are chasing one to be scanned in via the Online Manuals sticky thread, and have found a few images of a manual the internets but its in...
  18. brisveganbj42

    engine upgrade time: 3B-T to 15B-F

    Hi guys, looks like I might be able to spin an upgrade on my tired little 3b-T... I've been keen on an upgrade to a 14b or 15b and naturally anything with a turbo has gotta be better, right? So I'm looking at these two at the moment... but having trouble finding any details on specs of the...
  19. brisveganbj42

    adjusting idle on a turbo'd 3b

    Hey guys, I just replaced the diaphragm governor and didn't have the turbo (GT2052) installed at the time and the 3b was idling at 650 rpm... now after installing the turbo it idles a touch over 1000rpm. Is there a way to adjust this back down to 650rpm? I'm assuming the forced induction...
  20. brisveganbj42

    HELP! 3B turbo (GT2052) running on oil at 2000kms old

    Hi guys, Its been a while since I've posted in here but things have got serious and I need some expert advice... I have done a bit of digging around for any potential failures of 3b turbos but didnt turn up anything relevant to my issues.. Firstly a bit of history. About 2000kms ago I...
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