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  1. R.K.

    Instrument cluster restoration

    Restored the instrument cluster for my ‘79 FJ40. I used a vinyl label kit from Gauge Marks. The kit is nice quality and easy to install.
  2. R.K.

    Speedometer reassembly

    I'm in the process of reassembling my instrument cluster after some cosmetic upgrades. How do you install the speedometer needle onto the shaft to ensure it's in the proper position?
  3. R.K.

    SOLD  NC: FJ40 rear barn doors

    Pair of FJ40 rear barn doors for sale. Doors are in good condition. Passenger side door has been repaired on inside lower portion. Driver side door appears to be rust free. $250 plus shipping
  4. R.K.

    SOLD  NC: 1968 FJ40 project

    1968 FJ40 project. Tub has been patched, but is solid. Inside of tub and engine bay has been sprayed with bed liner. Has small block Chevy V8 mated to Land Cruiser 3-speed transmission/t-case. Parts that come with it are new Holley carburetor, new air cleaner, new plug wires, new motor mounts...
  5. R.K.

    SOLD  NC: front seat brackets for ‘73-‘78 FJ40

    Complete set of front seat brackets for a ‘73-‘78 FJ40. $100 plus shipping
  6. R.K.

    FJ40 bench seat with headrests

    I had never seen an FJ40 bench seat with headrests before. Are these headrests stock?
  7. R.K.

    For Sale  NC: 1968 FJ40 driver side jump seat

    1968 FJ40 driver side jump seat for sale. Frame is in great condition. Upholstery is usable. $250
  8. R.K.

    SOLD  NC: Bestop FJ40 half doors

    Bestop FJ40 half doors for sale. Great condition. Handles function well. Could use a good cleaning. $150
  9. R.K.

    Parting Out  NC: 1973 FJ40

    Parting out a '73 FJ40 in Roxboro, NC. Parts listed for sale below. Other small misc parts are available. Prefer to not ship larger parts. Front doors - good condition, need minor work - sold Windshield frame with hinges and (glass is broken) - $200 Hood with hinges - good condition, needs...
  10. R.K.

    For Sale  NC: JTO front disc brake caliper brackets

    JTOutfitters front axle disc brake conversion caliper brackets with hardware for sale. New, never installed. Located in NC (27574) $100 plus shipping
  11. R.K.

    License plate lights

    Has anyone found a substitute for the $30+ license plate lights for a late model FJ40? They look very similar to some trailer lights I’ve seen in the past.
  12. R.K.

    Wanted  NC - OEM FJ40 tailgate

    Looking for a factory one piece fold down tailgate for an FJ40. Prefer it to be in great condition. Don't need the hardware, but would buy a tailgate with hardware if the seller doesn't want to separate.
  13. R.K.

    For Sale  NC: 1974 FJ40 windshield frame

    Windshield frame from a '74 FJ40 for sale. Frame is straight. Hinges are good and move freely. Upper inside corner will need repair on both sides. Minor repair needed on lower edge on driver side. $100
  14. R.K.

    FJ40 headlights

    What's everyone running for upgraded headlights? I prefer lights that have a stock (or close) look.
  15. R.K.

    Wanted  NC: white wiper motor cover for '79 FJ40

    Looking for a white wiper motor cover in good condition for my 1979 FJ40.
  16. R.K.

    Tacoma value

    A friend has a Tacoma he may want to sale soon, but he's not sure of a fair value. Does anyone here know the real world value of Tacomas? 1997 Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder Automatic 4 wheel drive Fairly new Cooper tires Some clear coat fade No rust 128k miles
  17. R.K.

    For Sale  NC - Kayline FasTrac soft top for FJ40

    Kayline FasTrac soft top for FJ40 for sale. Came with a rig I bought, I don't have a use for the soft top. The fabric is in good condition, I have only found one small tear in it (about one inch long). The two piece doors are in good condition also. All of the windows are hazy. Some hardware is...
  18. R.K.

    Wanted  NC: Specter FJ40 fender flares

    Looking for a pair of Specter UB40 rear fender flares for an FJ40.
  19. R.K.

    M&M FJ40 build

    PJ is just finishing his latest personal build. It has most of the FJ40 frame and body, but similar 4-link suspension to the tube chassis buggies. This rig can legally drive on the road. It's got an LS/auto/Atlas, one ton axles, and 43s.
  20. R.K.

    '79 FJ40 gauges not working

    None of the gauges in my '79 FJ40 (except the speedometer) are currently working. The instrument panel lights do work. I'm sure it's a common issue causing the gauges to not work properly. The fuses appear to good. Any ideas?
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