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  1. TheForger

    Fast Idle

    You should be able to see engine load & throttle position on the Scan Gauge
  2. TheForger

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Good job! It would’ve been cool if you had a voltmeter inside the cab to have gotten a before & after reading. I noticed an increase of ~0.1-0.2V. I would say don’t worry about any of your questions I don’t see why either of those would be a problem. I had to shave off some of the positive lug...
  3. TheForger

    ATF drain plug and washer part number???

    Drain plug: 90341-10011 Crush washer: 35178-30010 Drain plug torque specs: 15ft/lbs
  4. TheForger

    New 2006 LX Owner - Son’s first ride

    What a great first vehicle! My truck was my first ride when I turned 16 as well. Had it for about 10yrs now. I would say don’t do anything in terms of mods besides the tires and Bluetooth dongle. Put your money into maintenance and base lining for right now - heater tees, radiator, starter...
  5. TheForger

    Wheel Bearings Service w/Pics

    Pm sent. I’ll get an idea worked out and then once refined, if anyone wants one I’ll set a price. Shouldn’t be too much
  6. TheForger

    Refurbished Fuel Injectors?

    If anyone is closer to AR there is a great local shop called Arkansas Fuel Injection that rebuilds and flow tests injectors for all petrol/diesel engines
  7. TheForger

    Wheel Bearings Service w/Pics

    Not a bad option! Keep in mind if you also grease the needle bearings, after you pull the axle out you really need to let it sit for just a couple minutes to make sure the grease squeezes in all the crevasses and then give it another good pull to make sure that didn’t create more room for...
  8. TheForger

    Wheel Bearings Service w/Pics

    I would be willing to duplicate my little puller tool using the square tubing and include all necessary hardware. It wouldn’t have threaded holes like the bar stock but it would still work great. I would obviously not make it 3’ but more like 6” for shipping purposes (able to fit in a small...
  9. TheForger

    Victory 4x4 Land Cruiser Center Console MOLLE Panel

    I wonder how far a pistol in a kydex holster mounted on the drivers side would stick out? Do you think the drivers leg would keep hitting it??
  10. TheForger

    Wheel Bearings Service w/Pics

    Did you just do it that way to show it won’t slide on? That large rear bearing needs to be inside the back of the hub assembly and then the oil seal placed on top of it. I remember when I had everything put back together and tried sliding the rotor & hub back on it required me to lift it up...
  11. TheForger

    SPOTTED! Arkansas & Surrounding Area

    El Porton at Bowman/Markham. Really like the Foxwing awning I’ve been looking at those recently!
  12. TheForger

    TIS Techstream - Customization Options for LC200

    Cable firmware version 1.4.1; TechStream version 14.30.023
  13. TheForger

    TIS Techstream - Customization Options for LC200

    I run it on 2 different 64bit systems
  14. TheForger

    Does Anyone Have Techstream I Can Use??

    For future reference I did get Techstream up and running on an old laptop if anyone needs to use it.
  15. TheForger

    Bunch of codes after maintenance

    New to Techstream as well, what exactly does the active test function do and how can it help?
  16. TheForger

    SOLD  Cruiser Outfitter Snap Ring Kits 100 Series

    I purchased two snap ring kits from Cruiser Outfitters and used a different size snap ring on each axle (E on drivers side & F on pass side). Because of that I combined the leftover snap rings and made 1 complete kit and then another kit that’s missing 2; see pics below. They will not come in...
  17. TheForger

    Mod: Extending range of keyless entry

    For anyone who wants to do this mod I have the coax and antenna all ready to go. I purchased everything to do this mod but figured I would replace the battery in my key fob before starting. Now I’m getting ~250’ range again so I no longer need it. The end is already stripped and the ground wires...
  18. TheForger

    Running Hotter after new radiator and other parts

    Did you go OEM on the t-stat or aftermarket? Some t-stat’s open at different temps than others
  19. TheForger

    TIS Techstream - Customization Options for LC200

    Ahhh okay I think y’all are exactly right thanks!
  20. TheForger

    What the hell is that?

    Not sure if this will help or not. I took it when I cleaning that sensor last year, but I could open that panel again tomorrow to get a better shot of where that harness originates
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