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    Removing the Roof Rails

    I recently removed my roof rack to have my '09 LC painted. I was disappointed to find that 3 of the 4 mounts had been broken by a prior removal. Two of the mounts were missing bolts, so I was driving around with two open holes in the roof and didn't even notice! Getting to the front two rails...
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    Has anyone seen this 80?

    I called the seller today. He's going to send me pictures of the frame. From a brief conversation, it didn't sound like he was flexible on the price (I guess you never know). Since I'm unlikely to bite on this, I'll share that the VIN lookup showed that it was triple locked. Unfortunately...
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    Has anyone seen this 80?

    I was browsing for LCs (no idea why) and came across this super rough one in the Chattanooga area. It's been listed on Cargurus a long time and was wondering if anyone had stopped by to check it out. I'm curious how it looks underneath...
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    Hood Struts

    Thanks for the insight. I'm usually OEM all the way, but I was thinking it would be OK to take the risk on hood struts, since they're easy access. I was surprised how few options came up when searching. This is one of the only aftermarket versions I've seen: 24.92'' Lift Supports Depot...
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    Hood Struts

    Does anyone know a good source for hood struts? It looks like OEM are about $60 each, and I'm having trouble finding an aftermarket option.
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    Headlight washer/sprayer leaking

    Did this work? I've got the same problem. I guess for $40, I'd might as well just go ahead and get it.
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    Apple CarPlay and Google Android Auto Naviplus Group Buy

    Has anyone installed this in a pre-2013? I'm interested in the user experience for my 2009. I imagine the screen is lower resolution.
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    Any AHC mechanics you recommend?

    I would call @OTRAMM in Warrenton, VA.
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    1st gen 200 grille now available

    I'm interested in a 1st gen.
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    FJ40 Power Steering U Joint help

    Maybe ask Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters? You couldn't get it this weekend, but he may be able to help identify the parts used.
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    Where to buy maintenance parts?

    I've used Mcgeorge Your Source for Genuine Toyota Online Parts | McGeorge Toyota Parts PartSouq (from UAE, great selection and price, fast but expensive shipping) and Cruiser Outfitters Cruiser Outfitters (best value on OEM equivalent part kits and owned by Mud member).
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    How many 200's on ih8mud

    2009 LC MD 178k
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    Recommendations on Cordless Impact Driver

    A bonus is the chargers can do both m12 and m18 batteries. M12 has some really cool ratchets. I only have the first gen ratchet with the brush motor, but it's definitely a favorite for engine covers and things where you don't get much space to turn the ratchet.
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    Recommendations on Cordless Impact Driver

    I have the Milwaukee 1/2 and 3/8. It's pricey, but it works great. Milwaukee has a huge variety of M18 tools.
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    Front Seat Heater Switch Malfunction

    I think that is a possibility. I'll have to investigate that. Its parked outside, and we've had a few storms.
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    Front Seat Heater Switch Malfunction

    I ordered the ebay part because I was concerned the switch might drain my battery, but that hasn't been an issue. The light has since gone off on it's own. I haven't received the ebay switch, but I'll post an update after I try it out. I'll probably keep it as a backup and use the OEM until...
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    Front Seat Heater Switch Malfunction

    Update: I just got back to the LC and the heater light is on while the car is off. Strange!
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    Front Seat Heater Switch Malfunction

    I've seen several threads on losing the front seat heater knobs, but I didn't find any related to the switch going bad. This morning, my 09 LC passenger side switch had the orange light indicating it was on. I went to turn it off, and to my surprise, it was already in the off position. Has...
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    Request advice-DIY Suspension install doable?

    Installing a suspension isn't too difficult. I installed a newer stock suspension donated by a mud member so my LC would pass inspection. There are several resources to help. This video will give you a good idea what's involved. I did it at home. The biggest issue for me working on the LC...
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