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  1. cruiserhead

    GM 6 liter broken exhaust manifold bolts!!!

    Does anyone own a GM with the 6.0 in it?Check your rear most exhaust manifold bolts.Mine are snapped off on both sides.A friend has the same problem.Post up if they are busted,curious to see how many have the problem. David
  2. cruiserhead

    Appalachian LandCruisers-Monthly run

    Rausch creek this Saturday.Check thier post in the clubhouse section. David
  3. cruiserhead

    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic July 10-12,2008

    Registration form is up on Gotham City Land Cruisers Just click the Coal Mine link.Hope you can join us. David
  4. cruiserhead

    Drive shaft length

    Is a manual trans rear driveshaft longer than an automatic on a FJ80?If so,how much?Thanks,David
  5. cruiserhead

    Coal Mine Cruiser Classic

    The 8th annual CMCC is approching fast.July 12-14 at Rausch Creek in Joliett,PA.Go to for complete details.Deadline is July 1st.Hope to see you there. David Crum
  6. cruiserhead

    removing brake cable

    I found an easy way to remove an emergency brake cable on a 40.This is for the hand brake located on the floor between the seats.Once you have the lever unbolted,slide a 14mm deep socket over the end of the cable.That will release the little prongs.Go underneath the truck and with a flat...
  7. cruiserhead

    GCLC run at Paragon 3/31-4/1

    Gotham City LandCruisers will be at Paragon this weekend for some wheeling and a meeting.From 40`s to FJC`s and naturally everything inbetween.Paragon at 9am for wheeling,then a meeting will follow at the Perkin`s at 50 Rt 93 in Hazelton.Some will be wheeling on Sunday as well.Hope to see you...
  8. cruiserhead

    Trailer Wanted

    Looking for a decent used trailer in the Jersey area.Must have at least two 3500# axles with brakes.I don`t mind fixing some stuff but I don`t want to build a new one.If you know of such an animal e-mail me at Thanks, David
  9. cruiserhead

    T-case gearing?

    Yes,I`ve searched this.This is what I`m thinking- Right now I`ve got a `75,4 speed and t-case.4:10 rears and 35" tires.I want lower gearing for the trails. I have a 4 speed and split case out of a `81 FJ40.Can I mount the split case behind my `75 trans and put in a 4:10 low range gear from...
  10. cruiserhead

    Paragon Adventure Park closing?

    Here is the link Anyone got $30 million? Sorry,that link don`t work,go to and go to the forum.
  11. cruiserhead

    Weld diff plug with fluid in or out?

    A friend of mine wants me to weld up his drain plugs.Not because they are leaking,but they lossen up when wheelin`(dragged on rocks).He`s running synthetic in the housings.I`ll be tig weldn` them.Yes I`ll clean any oil off.Just wondering if anyone see a problem with doing it with the oil...
  12. cruiserhead

    `93 Chevy Suburban for sale.

    97,400 miles,350,auto/od,4wheel drive.Power windows,locks,outside mirrors and drivers seat.Captains chairs,seats 8,cloth seats.Rear a/c,remote start,tow package.Things that I have done in the last year.New starter,hd alternater,brakes,tires(bfg long trails),fuel pump,intake manifold...
  13. cruiserhead

    Happy New Years

    There I said it.Hope the new year will be prosperous for all.
  14. cruiserhead

    Tap size?

    What thread is a GM TRE on the pitman arm side,also thread size for the Toyota TRE at the knuckle?If you have the part #`s for the TRE that would be of some help also.Thanks in advance.
  15. cruiserhead

    Wanted  Saginaw conversion tie rod

    Just as the title reads.Just need the tie rod itself.Heavy duty preferred,Toyota thread on one side GM on other.Thanks.
  16. cruiserhead

    GCLC meeting

    Are we still having this meeting on the 15th of October?
  17. cruiserhead

    Instuctions for centering knuckles using SST

    Can some one give me the directions for centering my knuckles.I have the SST and all the tools to measure.Also have the chasis manual from 1970.I am putting on disk knuckles and the shim thickness does not make sense.Please help.
  18. cruiserhead

    Va. Beach-Monsters On The Beach

    In case anyone needs something to do next weekend.Monster and tough truck races.5-8 May.Yes I`m going to race the Cruiser.Going to put 31s on.It`s only a drag race.One big hill and a jump at the end.
  19. cruiserhead

    Aussie Locker Update:

    Only has been 30 miles,so far so good.Locker installed in rear.You can definately feel it in a tight parking lot.Otherwise fairly quiet.Took the truck in the woods to places I know the tire brakes loose.No problems,no banging.Big difference from open axel.Now I definately have to put a heavier...
  20. cruiserhead

    New Aussie Locker question.

    Is the 4:11 ring gear considdered a thick ring?I`m going to put my Aussie in after work today and was wondering what kind of problems I may encounter.
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