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  1. Tapage

    Builds Just another 79 build.....

    1. Your actual muffler it's not causing high EGT's 2. Straight pipe ( I was 3" on my 1HD-T ) it's better for EGT issues 3. Overfueling at low rpm proceed to adjust on top of your IP the boost compensator 4. you would need to take a look on your follower fuel pin ..
  2. Tapage

    Builds Red Dragon - HJ61 Build

    Hello Kurt .. It's a LED one .?
  3. Tapage

    Builds Red Dragon - HJ61 Build

    folks that haven't driven one .. or neither understand the way it was build couldn't appreciate it's value .. I truly believe Mt. T knows it .. and that's the reason they just stop making it ..
  4. Tapage

    Builds Moonshine - A Build Thread

    This it's pretty neat .. love it .. where did you got it ?
  5. Tapage

    Triple Turbo 2H Engine

    It does .. !!! a lot !
  6. Tapage

    Triple Turbo 2H Engine

    My only advice for you is .. in stock form the 2H inline fuel pump it's very limited fuel delivery / flow wise .. Been saying that, you will need to deal with 2H head temps first ..
  7. Tapage

    1hdt fuel mileage

    You will get more power out of the FT more easily if that's your goal .. to get standard numbers both get them easily while the FT it's a much more expensive engine .. and hard to come by.
  8. Tapage

    1hdt fuel mileage

    If you can get a1HD-T go for it .. and yes .. to get the same power from the 1HZ it will be as thirsty as the 1HD-T if not more ..
  9. Tapage

    OneStone Armrests Round 2

    If I had them yes .. I'm about to cut the lock button .. my elbow rest right there ..
  10. Tapage

    OneStone Armrests Round 2

    I have my front seats all the way back .. ( long legs ) maybe it's just me ? David
  11. Tapage

    OneStone Armrests Round 2

    It's everyone happy with their One Stone armrest .? I'm the only one who whish they make them longer ? I would like to see them start on the door lock button ( which I hate in this position BTW ) up to the front .. ? My elbow it's right there on the lock ..
  12. Tapage

    Landcruiser 76 suspension, what do u recommend?

    I went to with the lightest possible spring pack in the rear .. I like the rear to be much more light than the front even although that's a tough task with the 70 series suspension
  13. Tapage

    Backup Cameras

    I have a pioneer NEX4XXXX something with the Pioneer camera .. nice and easy setup. Android auto and couple of more bits ..
  14. Tapage

    Builds Machito the LBJ70

    very detailed work / resto on this one .. One old post comment .. Venezuela never saw the LJ version of any 70 series .. neither Colombia. We saw plenty here and believe some of the Central America countries.
  15. Tapage

    Landcruiser 76 suspension, what do u recommend?

    I made a combination of Dobinson front coils with rear OME spring packs and Superior Engineering Shocks .. ( couple of other items from them ). I hate the sting bug style but the rear lifted its much more easy to archive than my a leveled stand that I got .. If you have no extra weight in...
  16. Tapage

    Are any of you 70-Series guys running a Cross Country 4x4 top mounted intercooler?

    If you are looking in Australia .. there are several options to pick .. But if this it's for your 1HZ on your 40 my fist question would be, you like it on top or front ..
  17. Tapage

    Upgraded alternator recommendations, 12HT

    Back in the day I had a Hyundai Terracan Alt ( vacuum pump attached in the back ) on Tencha .. those are 120amps alt .. if you don't need the vacuum you are good to any other alt ..
  18. Tapage

    Builds VDJ76L-RKMNYV - Cleopatra

    Baby steps ..
  19. Tapage

    My Catch Can after 5K km

    Share here same thread in a Down under forum .. According to them 120mm seems to be just fine and normal for this engine ..
  20. Tapage

    Builds Live in Texas, drive a pickup: HDJ79 single cab build

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