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  1. 77HesterSue

    For Sale  Iowa 2006 LC 107K miles

    Not affiliated. 1 owner trade in at a local Lexus dealer. Photos look good, no pics of undercarriage tho. Service records tell a story of someone who drove this very little over the years. 90k service does not appear to have been completed. Priced high in my opinion @ $25,999. Looks like a nice...
  2. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  OEM Soft top door hinges

    A long shot, but looking to buy hinges for soft top doors. Anyone selling? Thanks
  3. 77HesterSue

    SOLD  Looking for 1 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro BBS Forged wheel

    Have a set of 4 and looking for 1 as a spare. 18" Tundra TRD BBS Forged wheel. Located in Des Moines, Iowa Thanks
  4. 77HesterSue

    Little Smoky lost her antifreeze

    Took my new 45 that I bought from @ClemsonCruiser out for a drive tonight. Almost home I heard a loud pop and antifreeze came in through the firewall on the passenger side. My partner, Cyndi, was not burned too bad. Scared the crap out of both of us. Limped home. Made it into the driveway and...
  5. 77HesterSue

    Rear cross member

    I have looked to see if the rear cross member is still available from Toyota. Looks to be discontinued. Does anyone know if someone else is making these? This would be for a 1977 40. Thanks
  6. 77HesterSue

    Underseat tool box

    Hi. What years did the under seat tool box come in 40 and 45 series? Thanks
  7. 77HesterSue

    Swapping from 16 in wheels to 15 in wheels

    Hello, I have a new to me 65 FJ45 SWB removable top. Great truck. I was driving it last night and wondering if steering would be better with smaller wheels? Came with racers 16 in steelies and I have 15 in steelies that I could swap from my 40. The 45 has new suspension 2 1/2, tie rod ends...
  8. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  Early front license plate holder

    looking to buy an early license plate holder for 1965 fj45 thanks
  9. 77HesterSue

    Fj45 Radiator overflow?

    Would my 1965 FJ45 SWB truck have had an overflow bottle originally? During a recent drive, I had coolant overflowing on the ground. Not a leak, just overflow. Wondering how to remedy if an overflow bottle was not available then? Thanks Jennifer
  10. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  FOUND Early inspection light w bag

    Looking to buy an early inspection light with blue bag. If not the light, I will buy a bag. This is for my 1965 FJ 45 SWB Thanks
  11. 77HesterSue

    Carb rebuild

    I have a 77 40 series that has been sitting for about 10 years. I got stuck on doing front end knuckles, tre's and brake work. Anticipating on getting it finished this year, I hope. It ran fine before, but I anticipate the carb will need to be rebuilt. This is outside of my mechanical...
  12. 77HesterSue

    Bought FJ45 SWB

    I've owned a 77 FJ40 for about 10 years. Have always wanted a 45 since I saw them. Christmas to me this year was a 1965 FJ45 SWB Removable Top build by @ClemsonCruiser . Super excited for it to arrive. Below are some pics of it leaving his place in South Carolina. It will arrive in Iowa next...
  13. 77HesterSue

    New owner of 65 FJ45 SWB

    Hello, I have been a long time viewer in this forum, hoping that I would one day be able to officially join. Fortunately I was able to buy the build by @ClemsonCruiser . It left his house yesterday and is en route to Iowa, where it will be tucked away for winter. Here are a few pics of it being...
  14. 77HesterSue

    Radiator hose

    My 200 is a 19 with 3200 miles. Do I need to worry about this radiator hose? Thanks
  15. 77HesterSue

    Toyo Open Country ATII tire pressure

    Hi I have a 19 LC with TRD Pro BBS wheels and Toyo Open Country 285/65/R18. Tire place who installed set at 35. Max psi is 80. What should I run. DD Thanks
  16. 77HesterSue

    What is this?

    What is this? It looks like a card holder, but not deep enough. I checked the owner's manual, but could not find anything. Don't know what to search here. Anyone?
  17. 77HesterSue

    Black lug nuts part no

    Just bought BBS forged TRD wheels. Looking for part number for OME black lug nuts. Searched, but couldn’t find them. Thanks
  18. 77HesterSue

    Wanted  Iowa Aisin Hub dial

    Looking to buy one Aisin hub dial/face. Thanks
  19. 77HesterSue

    Aisin hub dial question

    I have the long bodied aisin hubs for my 77. One is Asco dial and the other aisin. Are the dial/faces interchangeable with short bodied hubs? I’d like them to match. Thanks
  20. 77HesterSue

    Slider question

    Good day. I've just bought a new 2019 LC, blue with terra and no entertainment screens in back. I love it. Thinking of adding sliders. I've searched the forum and looked at Slee, Trail Tailor, and Metal Tech. Looks like Slee sliders are horizontal with the vehicle and the other two are tilted up...
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