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  1. Dunbar

    40 series 5 speed.

    I will have an H55F in my 40. My FJ62 would be no fun without it. The 40 will drive the highway at 80mph+ just like the 62 and those who say that is crazy are weenies.
  2. Dunbar

    Treehouse thread

    Is that a run through Coyote cafe?
  3. Dunbar

    Builds Project Pikachu: 1977 FJ40

    I'm so glad that your son (and you) is there rather than in the metroplex. What a place to grow up.
  4. Dunbar

    Engine heat on hills with the H55F

    Does the 80 Series 3FE fan clutch bolt right up on a FJ62? Is the fan the same? If this is an upgrade path if I ever need to replace the fan clutch again I'll keep that in my pocket.
  5. Dunbar

    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    I ran across the Alpine Butterfly Knot and Alpine Butterfly Bend and have adopted it immediately. I can see that with very small nylon rope it might be difficult to untie if tensioned but it is supposed to be easy to untie.
  6. Dunbar

    Engine heat on hills with the H55F

    I have been running the H55F with my 3FE and 33's for 16 years in the Texas heat and have never overheated. Not pulling a grade with a 3000lb trailer, never. I got a lower seam leak in my radiator 11 years ago and replaced it with a Performance radiator which is pretty much identical to the...
  7. Dunbar

    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    This monster is a bit big for my tractor but I managed to smooth our half mile gravel road of it's potholes in about 8 passes. The thing weighs north of 800lbs and one sized for my tractor would be much smaller but I managed to haul it. It is a Land Plane Grader Scraper which Armstrong Ag...
  8. Dunbar

    A journey with my boys- The Elf Barn as I call it.

    Name it Rivendell, Elf paradise from Lord of the Rings.
  9. Dunbar

    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    Is it cheating if I use the forks to throw them up top?
  10. Dunbar

    FJ62/3FE desmog air pump bypass belt....the LONGER one??

    In your first pic there is a lot of adjustment room in the tensioner pulley for that belt. I use an air or power ratchet to spin it after loosening the front nut. You should be able to level the PS pump after that.
  11. Dunbar

    H55 discontinued? Surely not what’s the trick

    Onur's advise is not just for you. He wrote that for everyone and it is sage advise. He's also recently in NY and was in Atlanta previously I believe.
  12. Dunbar

    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    I like the wraps on the bar, just as effective as the gunwale brackets for lateral movement and not in the way the rest of the time. I also tie the bow and stern to keep it solid. I like how you use the light tabs on the ARB for that. I have been using ratchet straps but the butterfly hitch...
  13. Dunbar

    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    Thanks Jim! I have all the components except for a welder. Wife was looking over my shoulder and said, "Fathers Day". I have been needing one for a long time. I have 3 Old Towne Tripper 17' Royalex canoes. I'll use the forks on the Kubota to set them all up there and figure out a tie down...
  14. Dunbar

    60s with canoes and maybe other boats

    Jim what are you using to attach your crossbars to the square tubing of the rack? I have a full wilderness rack stacked in my garage but have been using Yakima crossbars and A1 gutter mounts. My canoes hang down blocking my view of streetlights and I see yours ride higher with the rack under...
  15. Dunbar

    H55F impressions and "gee whiz" numbers

    I did my conversion in Feb 2004. This is a required upgrade I'd do even if the H440F were brand new. The power is there just waiting. I can accelerate uphill in 5th on moderate grades, Texas Hill Country. I drive 80mph often in traffic and cruise between 70 and 75. Speed limits in Texas...
  16. Dunbar

    A thread about a white bread, stock 1976 FJ40.

    Good call on the lift. I don't think it takes away from the stock look at all.
  17. Dunbar

    Just inherited '82 FJ40

  18. Dunbar

    Just inherited '82 FJ40

    Don't freak out at that. Lots of us expected it. Start looking through build threads on this forum to get an idea on what it takes to fix these up. You can pay certain known good restoration companies, Cruiser Corps in OKC comes to mind, to do it for you. With it's history you really need to...
  19. Dunbar

    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    If the filters are all painted grey then they are original and have never been changed. Here is a search result on OTT on B6100 Blowby, leaks, extremely hard starts, sloppy steering box, just to name a few. Looks like it was last made in 1984 and new in 1980 were about $4,400 out the door.
  20. Dunbar

    Mini Tractors - lets see um

    The main thing I would research would be the utility of having the backhoe attachment on hand vs saving up jobs and renting a mini-excavator. There are lots of threads on OTT and TBN on that subject. From what I gather, Mini-excavators are an order of magnitude more capable on digging stumps...
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