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    presentation and brake issues

    Hi to all, my name in Juan I live in Bolivia. I watched the forum for some time, in some occasion wrote in the forum fj100, recently acquired my first FJ40 land cruiser year 1977 and the first since I have it are headaches, my brakes were loosing fluid on the wellso I decided to change all the...
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    help a/c bolwer not working

    hi, am being a member for a while but just loocking but now i have a problem that i driving me crazy, am working on a '99 fj100 taht belong to my father, 2 day ago the a/c blower stop working i check fuse and the blower there are ok (working fine) but there is no power at the blower conector so...
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    2003 Land Cruiser - Modified and off-road ready

    here is something goog i gess check the link 2003 Land Cruiser - Modified and off-road ready.
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    new on the board

    hi you all, am new here, i just made some post, am in the proses to buy fj 100 so i can drive it to south america on the same road of the chamel trophy, i have some experience on toyota , english in not my firts lenguage but ill try to do my best, is web side rocks!!
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