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  1. NCFJ

    TWT -- The Wrenching Thread

    If you have been around LCs long enough you know that they can have some interesting electrical issues. Seems older Mercedes suffer electrical woes as well. I've not jumped into this just yet as it certainly is annoying but the car is slated for a total rebuild at some point including an...
  2. NCFJ

    TTT -- The Tool Thread

    Replacing my Craftsman boxes that I bought in high school. That was 1978. These only have to last a little more than half that long. I have a couple US General 5 drawer mechanic's carts that are holding up very well. A lot of box for not a lot of money.
  3. NCFJ

    Daily funny pics

    Hey!! It's dark under that helmet.............
  4. NCFJ

    TORT: The ONSC Rant Thread

    Heather is the CFO of the company so she knows the specifics. Basically I am a small operation that was not impacted enough. I just figured that I have been paying in for 40 plus years perhaps my government could do me a solid in the way of a forgivable loan. Business slowed a bit but I did...
  5. NCFJ

    TORT: The ONSC Rant Thread

    Close to the beginning of Covid the Fed was backing forgivable loans to small businesses. Most of the money, sometimes millions to EACH recipient went to bigger business. I applied, got turned down. The Catholic church got one. Now I am seeing that the Fed is now pushing grants for minority...
  6. NCFJ

    Amazon Has Everything

    Nathan:"Dad, how will I know when it's really love?" Dave:" Buddy, take this to the bathroom and when it feels like this stuff, it's the real thing"
  7. NCFJ

    9-21 Charlotte lunch meet up?

    Had to let him go.
  8. NCFJ

    9-21 Charlotte lunch meet up?

    Wish I could make this Al. I have a new guy starting on the 21st.
  9. NCFJ

    62 clock in a 60-wiring

    Thank you very much @mattressking
  10. NCFJ

    62 clock in a 60-wiring

    I am putting a 62 clock (and dash) in a 60 and I need to know the wiring inputs. There are four spades on the back of the clock. Lets call the upper left #1, upper right #2, lower left #3 and lower right #4 according to the photo. Anyone know the correct hook up? Thanks in advance. Main...
  11. NCFJ

    The case of the Misidentified FJ

    This is a 1987 FJ60 body on a 1992 FJ80 frame with a 1995 FZJ80 rear axle and a brand new LS3 Connect & Cruise package. I built it and I call it an FJ140. I don't feel bad about it one little bit. :)
  12. NCFJ

    Grommet to fill hole in top of rear cargo hatch, Passenger side, where to source?

    Rubberfeetwarehouse is the supplier Order summary 3/4" Inside Diameter Rubber Grommet - 1/16" Groove Width - Fits 1-1/4" Holes × 50 PERCENTAGE DISCOUNT (-$2.25) $25.00 $22.75
  13. NCFJ

    Grommet to fill hole in top of rear cargo hatch, Passenger side, where to source?

    Summit order ELI-4301-70-011 Wire Loom, Door Mount, Rubber, Each (Mfr. #: 4301-70-011) 4 ELI-4301-70-011 is expected to ship on 10/12/20. Backordered Ground $7.99 4 * $31.96 ELI-5050-10-099 Convoluted Tubing, Wireloom, Accordion Style, Black, Each (Mfr. #...
  14. NCFJ

    Grommet to fill hole in top of rear cargo hatch, Passenger side, where to source?

    This is a door loom installed. If you look through the "Warhorse" build thread you will find a photo of it and the grommets installed along with the part numbers. I buy both looms from Summit Racing
  15. NCFJ

    Grommet to fill hole in top of rear cargo hatch, Passenger side, where to source?

    Looks like the right part, part number below
  16. NCFJ

    Driver door hinge adjustment

    Get the wrench, crazy without it. Do not loosen bolts much, just enough to "tweak" the door without having to hold it in place.
  17. NCFJ


    On it's way, that was fast!
  18. NCFJ

    Second fuse box

    I have been using Bussman boxes in my builds for years. The boxes I use have 5 relays and 10 fuses. So 5 fused relays and 5 other fused circuits. Here is the best tutorial I have seen on their use...
  19. NCFJ

    Builds A little "Sugar"

    Working on stereo hook up today. I replaced the OEM grommets and exposed taped wires with new grommets and accordion loom.
  20. NCFJ

    TWT -- The Wrenching Thread

    Just when you think you have seen everything. I had a text from a customer today "Why are my gauge rings copper" I ask what he is talking about, he tells me the bezels, the gauge bezels are copper colored. So I called him, "Bored today are you, nothing better to do than hassle me on a Wed...
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