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  1. BrettinSanAntonio

    February 29th 2020 PINS beach clean up

    This February 29th will be the 25th annual beach clean up at Padre Island National Seashore. A few of us will be going down to pick up trash then do some camping. If you're interested, see our posting on Facebook for additional details.
  2. BrettinSanAntonio

    Quick Wrench Day January 18th

    I'm hosting a wrench day at my house on January 18th in case anyone has any quick preventative maintenance/ repairs to do. I'd like to start early 9:00am and be wrapped up by 2:30-3:00 since I have an obligation Saturday night. I'll be changing all kinds of fluids and tweaking a few other...
  3. BrettinSanAntonio

    FZJ80 drivers side headlamp lens assembly needed

    Does anyone have a source for a '95 - '97 FZJ80 drivers side headlight assembly? I need to replace the broken glass lens.
  4. BrettinSanAntonio

    100 series fire extinguisher mount

    Need one.
  5. BrettinSanAntonio

    2000 LX470 Key - Suggested Source?

    I went to a local locksmiths shop and he cut me a new key and programmed it for around $60.
  6. BrettinSanAntonio

    PINS trip April 25-28

    We caught a ton of Whiting both days (ate the big one's for dinner), one undersized red, I had one line snaped and another person had his reel spooled. So something was out there, we just didn't get the big ones. Going to try and get back soon as the surf warms up.
  7. BrettinSanAntonio

    PINS trip April 25-28

    The fishing is supposed to be good down south at the cut. Good luck!
  8. BrettinSanAntonio

    PINS trip April 25-28

    In case anyone is interested I’m heading down to PINS with a small group of various brand vehicles on Thursday, April 25 (late afternoon) and departing Sunday, April 28, late morning. They’ll be fishing and general beach lounging with some nice campfires. If you’re interested, come on down...
  9. BrettinSanAntonio

    March club meeting

    We'll be meeting again this Saturday morning, March 2 at 10:00 am. Same location as last month. pin Snooze, an A.M. Eatery (Vineyard) 1305 N. Loop 1604 W., San Antonio, Texas 78258
  10. BrettinSanAntonio

    October 6th meeting at Tycoon Flats 9:00am

    Just a reminder that we have a meeting this weekend at Tycoon Flats on St. Mary's street at 9:00am. Hope to see you there.
  11. BrettinSanAntonio

    August 2018 Meeting?

    Yes, we will be there.
  12. BrettinSanAntonio

    Alamo City Land Cruisers and TLCA status

    Howdy all. I just got off the phone with TLCA and as some of you may have noticed, we (Alamo City Land Cruisers) is no longer appearing in Toyota Trails magazine nor are we considered a TLCA chapter in good standing. This is mainly because of simple documentation that has not been completed...
  13. BrettinSanAntonio

    PINS Trip April 27-29

    We're only a week and a half out from the trip. Unless we have real bad weather, everything is a go. 35-40 mile marker for camping. We'll be leaving San Antonio early so we're on the beach just after sun up. My group will have my Gold 100 series and a new Tundra. There may be a few others with...
  14. BrettinSanAntonio

    PINS Trip April 27-29

    PINS Trip April 27-29 Camping at the 35 - 40 mile marker with a day trip to the end of the Island on Saturday. Come and go as your schedule permits. I'll be leaving San Antonio early Friday morning with a few others if you want to caravan down. Bring everything you need as there's no ice...
  15. BrettinSanAntonio

    PINS trip in March or April

    I'm thinking about putting together a PINS trip for March or April. I'll have to check my work schedule but would like feedback from others that might be interested on which weekends will work for them. My thoughts are to camp south of the 30 MM to get away from the crowds and maybe do an end...
  16. BrettinSanAntonio

    RTH Big Bend Black Gap Rd

    Had the same issue in mine. Ran a bottle of BG44K through the fuel system and the symptoms ceased. I don't know if it unclogged a line but after using the product something changed the I no longer had the issue. BTW - That road is way to easy. Head over to the State Park or Terlingua Ranch and...
  17. BrettinSanAntonio

    AR15 Black Rifle Armorers Wrench

    Very stout! I could kill a Jack'alope with this thing. Works great on my AR too!
  18. BrettinSanAntonio

    May meet up still on?

    I may actually make this one.
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