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  1. cstraface

    LED & relay issues

    Ok, need some help. I’m stumped. 1/74 production. Swapped all turn signals, markers, and taillights to LEDs. Swapped flasher relay with a Coolerman unit. Both dash turn signals are now coming on with the brake light switch. Brake lights work. Turn signals work on their own. But if I press the...
  2. cstraface

    SOLD  Idaho: FJ40 OEM Front Bumper, Brand New in Packaging

    Part # 52111-60030 $160 + the ride. Send address and I'll get you a total.
  3. cstraface

    For Sale  Eagle, ID: Fj40 Parts (slave cylinder, jump seat covers, brand new front bumper, etc)

    I have the following parts available: Jump Seat Covers: SOLD Unsure of the make, they were on the seat frames when I purchased them Used Slave Cylinder: $10 + ship I believe it's in good working order; it was replaced as I troubleshooted my clutch which turned out to be a bad Master...
  4. cstraface

    Wanted  Boise, ID - 78-81 Jump Seats

    I'd consider any short style, but if you have the 78-81's, I'll take them!
  5. cstraface

    For Sale  SCS Ray 10 Matte Gray 17" Wheels x4, San Francisco, CA, $850 obo

    Purchased in November, installed in December. Less than 2,500 miles on them. Tires and TPMS are not included. Lugs and lug locks are. $850. Please PM for fastest response. No rash. No chips. Save on tax and shipping. Prefer local sale, but will ship on your dime. Shipping is about $30/wheel.
  6. cstraface

    For Sale  2016 OEM 17" 4runner Trail Wheels, San Francisco, $400

    OEM Trail 17" wheels, $400 for all 4. Came off my 2016 Trail w/ 36k miles. No rash. Good condition. No shipping. I live in SF and work in Oakland. PM me if you're interested. Photos here
  7. cstraface

    For Sale  Ebay: HJ47 2H with 2 Tops (not mine)

    Ebay HJ47 Curious to get thoughts on this build. How does price seem? What would your concerns, if any, be?
  8. cstraface

    Wanted  255/75/r17 or 265/70/r17 - Bay Area, Nor Cal

    As title states. Looking for AT's. with 11/32 or so tread. OEM take-off's would be preferable. Let me know if anyone has 4 or 5!
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