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  1. lorax

    For Sale  FJ40 Hubcaps - full set

    I have a set of 5 FJ40 hubcaps. 2 front (with hole for locking hub) and 3 solid for the back and spare. Not sure what these go for. They are in good shape. $100 for the set + shipping from Portland, Or.
  2. lorax

    Cruisin' the Woods 2015

    16th Annual Cruisin' the Woods is here. Signup now for the largest TLCA event in the North West! The Cascade Cruisers are once again proud to present: Cruisin' the Woods 2015 Friday September 25th, Toyota Only Run Saturday September 26th, Open Event Camping and Base Camp: Brown's Camp...
  3. lorax

    Wanted  BJ42 (3B) 24v glow plug regulator

    I have an '81 BJ42 and my glow plug regulator is sticking on. Need to replace it. Anyone have one available? Also in the market for a 24v EDIC and EDIC relay... I am in Portland, OR and will pay for shipping. Thanks.
  4. lorax

    Glow plug relay problem?

    I have a 24V - 1981 BJ42 with a 3B(-T) from a 1983 BJ60. It has been working well until recently. I found my glow system is acting up. I get good glow and quick startup all the time. Recently, the truck began leaving the glow plugs powered all the time (switch off, truck running, etc)...
  5. lorax

    eBay  1975 Mustard FJ40 in Oregon

    Sold. Here are the details from the listing: This truck has been my reliable daily driver for 16 years. Over that time I have put a lot of work and TLC into her. In 2005, she was professionally restored. The top and doors are removable, the windshield can optionally fold down and she has a...
  6. lorax

    FJ40 Parts

    Most parts are from a 75+ FJ40 Land Cruiser ~76-78 Intake Manifold $100 May have the matching exhaust manifold. Will have to check 78 headrests $75 (pair) stock 2f air intake $75 FJ60 4sp transmission $150 75+ door skins $50 each 75+ door glass $50 each brake lines $50? 78+ stock tire carrier...
  7. lorax

    FJ80 w/6.2L Diesel, getting a turbo

    I have just started my turbo upgrade on Dragonazul, my wife's Diesel FJ80. It has a Chevy 6.2L Diesel and uses the stock A440 transmission. I am using the 6.5L Diesel turbo, intake and exhaust manifolds. The goal is to have about 10PSI of boost. Also purchased all the parts to do a...
  8. lorax

    FJ40 parts in Austin

    I have the following parts for sale. Please make an offer. All parts are in Austin, TX. If they are small parts, I am willing to ship at buyer's cost. The more complicated parts are better picked up (engine, brake lines, etc). late model tire carrier (tube) $50 (1) '78 Brake Master $100...
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