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  1. Greg_B

    Air getting into injector pump

    The fuel pickup assy at the tank is known to develop pinholes and allow air from this location as well. What condition was it when you removed the tank? This thread has the bosch primer part numbers if needed. hth's gb
  2. Greg_B

    GPS apps and what's the best info for BC in particular?

    Depending on the trip, needs might well be different as well. Straight up Nuvi or some such works well for much of North America in most situations. Amazed at what "roads" have shown up on it when out and about. and also the location info that is available. For longer trips when you take a...
  3. Greg_B

    GPS apps and what's the best info for BC in particular?

    And there-in is the rub...need to have cell signal. Nothing new to add, but whatever I end up with I would like my entire library of digital maps accessible. I was thinking of a Windows 10 tablet when I was moving this direction, but like mentioned I have not proceeded in any direction...
  4. Greg_B

    My new stove GSI Pinnacle Pro Stove

    I moved to white gas a few years back but if I was moving back to propane at some point this looks like a nice option. Form factor is great. Be good to have an update with a review when you receive and have some use on it. gb
  5. Greg_B


    Canadian Tire appears to have changed the formulation and/or changed suppliers for their house brand diesel oils. The number of different specs the formulation meets increased with that change, which now also includes JASO-DH2. It compares really close to Rotella and says developed with Shell...
  6. Greg_B

    GPS apps and what's the best info for BC in particular?

    I don't have any advice on new offerings. My dream at one point was to run Garmin enRoute on a tablet with all my mapsets on a HDD or SSD (Canada Topo, Ibycus, City Nav, etc) but that all so old school now. With BRMB only older chips will work with this setup, which I do not have. I don't...
  7. Greg_B

    24 Volt Noob question

    Does not help you're quest, but for future thread readers...all Canadian spec BJ40's and BJ42's as well as Canadian Spec HJ60's have 12 volt headlights via the evil center tap, while the rest of the vehicle is 24 volts. Unless they have been changed by a PO. gb
  8. Greg_B

    power converters in 2020

    Did you get the Victron 24-12 converter? And if so the IP67 one? Interested in your feedback when installed, if you did. I have a Solar Converter in my BJ74 that will still doing service, but real world use on the Victron offerings would be good. gb
  9. Greg_B

    Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers

    @dogdaysindurham This is the setting screen which shows a Li-ion setting. You can select advanced setting and adjust things but I have not delved fully into the settings screen so can not say more then what you see in the picture. Would likely be explained in depth in the manual. I'm running...
  10. Greg_B

    Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers

    I happened to be at the shop yesterday for a short bit and checked. Not sure if I triggered the absorption cycle due to playing with the settings but from what I saw of the amp load when in the absorption cycle I think I will be fine with the fridge cycling (if I happen to have the fridge on...
  11. Greg_B

    Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers

    Took this picture after turning on the fridge when the charger was in storage mode. While in storage I could hear the charger clicking a couple times every minute as it cycled and the readout would go to .2amps for a bit. When the fridge was on it jumped to just over 2 amps (fluctuated up and...
  12. Greg_B

    Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers

    The display showing the phases after the charger was plugged in and doing it's thing for almost three days. Fridge not on.
  13. Greg_B

    Victron Blue Smart IP65 Battery Chargers

    One of the various brand battery chargers I have been using for a few years is NOCO. I’ve been happy with them overall. One experience last summer showed me what I consider a weakness for my usage. I was at a weekend summer concert in my 80 and camped in a full service campground. I brought the...
  14. Greg_B

    Gary Telford Memorial Whipsaw Run July2020

    Will not be making this either. Have a good one! gb
  15. Greg_B

    ISO: 24v/12v battery equalizer

    Interesting. I had not thought of Canadian Energy as a supplier, but makes sense. Eaton I take?
  16. Greg_B

    ISO: 24v/12v battery equalizer

    Never used one, but Redarc makes a couple: Charge and Battery Equalizer - 12V Power Supply | REDARC Electronics There also is a commercial one that has been chatted about on Mud: yet more 24v battery questions... I think it is the Vanner that some folk have mentioned they purchased used on ebay...
  17. Greg_B

    July 9, 2020 Regular Meeting and Pot Luck BBQ: Near Ft. Langley!

    I had hoped to be there tonight but things have come up and I can not. Ya'll have fun now ya hear... gb
  18. Greg_B

    BJ74 Poptop, modular top camper or something

    Interesting ideas and thread! The flip back style has the additional bonus of creating a dry space below at the back of the truck, which is where you would be most likely accessing camp/cook gear and fridge/cooler. Have to make sure the doors would open as I believe you mentioned though...
  19. Greg_B

    Builds 1985 JDM 3B Engine Rebuild and Other Stories

    You might be surprised at what will work on 24V. Look at the fine print on the device and many times you will see good for up to 30V. This includes USB power port plug in's, GPS's, etc. My older Nuvi GPS is good to go plugged into a 24V socket. hth's gb
  20. Greg_B

    Reputable Shops/ Services

    Picked up couple of batteries from Canada Energy. They are a 4WDABC corporate sponsor now and offer up to 30% off. I picked up the 27DC batteries as one of my Crown DP batteries lost a cell this last week. They can supply Victron products, though they are not on their website. I picked the...
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