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  1. mhudson

    For Sale  BJ44 Original Split Steel Rims

    Hi, I have a set of five split steel rims that I replaced on a 1981 BJ44 LC from the JDM. In good shape but could use a cosmetic touch up of paint. Not sure what the market is for these but looking for $25 each plus shipping. Located in Nashville, TN USA Let me know if interested. Pics on...
  2. mhudson

    BJ44 1981 Newbie

    Ok. I shant ;) Your advice mirrored my internal inclinations so I’m glad there is no dissonance. Best bet is to cut out the few areas of rust on the tub, weld in metal sections and paint. The roof is fiberglass and needs some touch ups at the rim. Is there a best way to tackle that? Thanks.
  3. mhudson

    BJ44 1981 Newbie

    1st, my apologies for not responding to the thoughtful got in the way. 2nd and as a recap, I followed a lot of he advice and got a 2.5” old man emu lift, 31” tires and new steel OEM rims. During this process the main journal bearing failed and I ended up swapping the 2B diesel...
  4. mhudson

    Wanted BJ44 Hardtop

    Any specifics are you interested in for the BJ44. Ive one that has a just refurbished 3B turbo engine, old man emu 2.5” lift kit. New clutch & master/slave cylinder, radiator & hoses, just changed brake pads. Has original seats and bench seat. Some rust but nothing major. Let me know if your...
  5. mhudson

    BJ44 1981 Newbie

    I just purchased a 1981 BJ44 and have the following questions: * Lift kit (2", 2.5", 3" or 4") - Is the BJ44 springs the same as on the BJ42? Front and rear? - What's best kit to install - Shock replacements recommendations? Extend brakelines steel braided etc. * Has original...
  6. mhudson

    For Sale 1982 BJ42 5 speed PS

    Pics aren't working; would like to see the rig. Thanks.
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